Rep. Jud McMillin Of Brookville, Indiana, Resigns After Alleged Sex Tape Emerges

Jud McMillin of Brookville, Indiana, shook up the Indiana House of Representatives when he abruptly resigned this past Tuesday.

McMillin was a Republican member of the Indiana House of Representatives from Brookville, Indiana, known for his four major bills handed down during the 2011 session, and for rising through the ranks to become the second highest ranking Republican in the Indiana House.

According to USA Today, McMillin was first elected to represent District 68 in southeastern Indiana back in 2010. He quickly started rising up the ranks, and before long, he became the majority floor leader and was considered "one of the more ambitious lawmakers" in the House Republican caucus.

Jud McMillin was most known for his efforts to overhaul the state's criminal code and for attempting to set in place laws that would require drug testing for welfare recipients. While McMillian seemed to be a powerhouse for the Republican party, he had a very checkered past, which included resigning from his position as an assistant county prosecutor in Ohio, which resulted from questionable conduct.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Jud McMillin abruptly resigned Tuesday, September 29, 2015, citing the fact that he wished to spend more time with his family. It wasn't long before news broke saying that the truth behind McMillin's resignations was due to a sexually explicit video which was allegedly sent out via text message from his phone to a number of his contacts.

This is not the first sexual related scandal that McMillin has been involved in. According to the Dayton Daily News, Jud McMillin faced ethical questions in 2005 while working as an assistant county prosecutor in Ohio. At the time, McMillin was prosecuting a domestic violence case when it came to light that he was having some sort of relationship with the complainant, one that wasn't strictly business.

When the sexual conduct was questioned, McMillin admit to a relationship with the complainant, though he claims that the relationship didn't begin until after he stepped down from the case. In 2006, the complainant in question then sued McMillin for legal malpractice, claiming that the Ohio assistant prosecutor had perused a sexual relationship with her while he was working the case. According to the Dayton Daily News, the lawsuit was later withdrawn.

Jud McMillin's latest resignation from the Indiana House of Representatives comes after a cell phone video was allegedly released from his phone to some of his contacts. The video is said to have been sexual in nature, though McMillin claims that he was not the one who sent out the video, and at the time of this report, it is unclear if the alleged video showed McMillin in any compromising positions.

In a text message sent out last week, McMillin stated that his phone had been stolen in Canada and that he was not in control of it for close to 24 hours. After finally being able to reactive it, he wanted his contacts to know that he did not send out any of the alleged texts or videos that were "offensive" in nature and sent an apology for anything they may have received.

Jud McMillin also took to Facebook to address the issue according to Fox59. In the post, McMillin admits that he, like everyone else, makes mistakes and that when he does, he will do whatever he can to remedy the situation to the best of his abilities.

"With that being said I will never understand the need for some people to spew hatred. I hope it makes those people feel better about themselves because there is no other discernible benefit. What a sad place for society to be."
At this time, it is unclear what the alleged sex tape contains and how far it has speared. Stay with the Inquisitr as more information on Rep. Jud McMillin's resignation becomes available.[Image via Shutterstock]