Electric Facial Device Buzz: Why $500 ZIIP Devices And Nano Current Facials Are All The Rage

Aesthetic procedures have always been an interest of men and women around the world. Whether they look to get Bellafill fillers or Botox injections to eliminate any fine lines or premature signs of aging, or more drastic procedures such as face lifts to revitalize their entire appearance, the bottom line is that people want to look younger, better, and more well-rested. The Nano Current facial is the new rage in the beauty industry as more people are becoming aware of how they can easily improve their overall appearance with little to no effort and entirely at home. According to the Wall Street Journal, the nano-current skin-care device to buy is called ZIIP.

According to New York Mag, running electricity across your face can be pretty effective in stimulating collagen – even if users visit spas and get cheaper options. Well, they are only cheaper when compared with one-time visits. Over multiple visits, at-home electric facial devices could end up being cheaper.

The nano current facial was the first at-home current facial available on the market and it is said to be one of the most luxurious experiences that you can have at home. They combine the use of advanced technology and a simple user interface to make sure that customers are able to address any specific issues that they have with their skin. When a customer purchases the device, they will be able to download the mobile application which allows them to target specific areas of the face and ensure that they are getting the perfect treatment. As reported by Byrdie, the ZIIP device actually worked for some users who suffer from painful cystic acne breakout.

This is one of the main reasons why more people are deciding to flock to the ZIIP Nano Current facial products as everyone is always looking for the latest and greatest advancements to help give them a lasting aesthetic appeal. The cost of the ZIIP skin-clearing device isn’t deterring some of the folks on their search for flawless skin.

The ZIIP Nano-Current Skincare Device and Golden Conductive Gel Treatment goes for $495 for the device alone, according to ZIIPbeauty.com. The gel is called essential in using the device, in order to get the electricity to flow to all areas that the user wants treated. The ZIIP app works in conjunction with the ZIIP device, and the app will locate the device wirelessly. That app lets users choose specific treatments, and the device always comes with the anti-aging program – and the app isn’t necessary if users don’t want to use the app.

Since the ZIIP device is so new, and perhaps because of its high cost, there aren’t a lot of before and after photos online to compare how much acne the device zaps away and how many wrinkles it can smooth out.

Nano current facial devices work electrically. The human skin has thousands of tiny conductors and electrical signals that travel through it on a daily basis. By taking advantage of these signals and actually applying them to the skin, they help to increase the production of collagen. Collagen is responsible for making the skin flexible and maintaining a youthful appearance throughout the years. When someone uses an electric nano current (or micro-current) facial, they will be stimulating the electrical signals to make sure that the skin has what it needs to be elastic, glowing, and radiant.

Using the unit is simple, and considering that users will want to use it often, it can be far less expensive than paying to get a similar type of facial on a regular basis. Many users have noted that the ZIIP Nano Current facial device shows more advancements in their skin than their regular dermatological appointments or luxury treatments. Now men and women are able to purchase the device and receive luxurious treatments in the comfort of their homes.

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