Jimmy Kimmel Interviewed The 'Boston Fish Guys' Mikey Bergin And Jay Foster -- And It Was Hilarious [Video]

Tuesday night (September 29), Jimmy Kimmel had a couple of guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! who found internet fame after a video of the two of them encountering an ocean sunfish in the Boston Harbour recently went viral. The two friends -- called the "Boston Fish Guys" -- appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! via satellite last night for an interview that would prove to be just as hilarious and obscenity-laden as their original viral video.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when friends Michael (Mikey) Bergin and Jason (Jay) Foster first spotted the sunfish, they had no idea what it was, and the guys went through several different species trying to decipher what they were seeing. Speaking to the two remotely, Jimmy Kimmel hilariously checked off a list of what the pair thought the giant fish could have been.

"Let's go through some of the creatures you thought it may have been. Besides turtle, you thought maybe it was a baby whale, you thought maybe it was a flounder, a tuna, I think a sea monster was in there."

Being the same witty character the original video showed, Bergin responded to Kimmel -- in his thick Boston accent -- by saying "I was hoping it was a tuna, kid. Imagine the money we would've got!"

When Jimmy Kimmel introduced the two to his audience, he compared their video to another viral video that gained notoriety this week -- the pizza rat.

"If that video of the pizza rat embodies the spirit of New York," Kimmel said, the Boston Fish Guys' video "captures the essence of Boston," reports the Boston Globe.

Kimmel then showed his audience a heavily edited -- and heavily censored -- version of the original video. When the two amateur fishermen finally appeared on screen, Jimmy told them how much he enjoyed their video and then joked that they looked exactly like Kimmel had imagined. Bergin -- who was dressed in a white tank top, newsboy cap, and gold chain -- quipped, "Like a bum?" Jay Foster, the other half of the dynamic fishing duo, was sporting an obviously self-promotional T-shirt that read "It's A Tuna, Bro!"

Embodying every Boston stereotype ever, when Jimmy Kimmel asked the pair which of the two first spotted the massive sunfish, Bergin -- the one who hilariously narrated the original video -- jumped in to say "this meathead! And he thought it was a turtle." It's the fact that the pair epitomize everything anyone thinks when they hear the word "Boston" that has shot them so quickly to internet fame. Even Jimmy Kimmel himself told Bergin and Foster during the interview that he loved them, and with the audience laughing at every Bostonian inflection, and every curse word coming out of Bergin's mouth, it was obvious that they too had fallen in love with the two guys from Malden, Massachusetts.

"I'm just going to say right now, I'm in love with the both of you."

During the interview, Jimmy Kimmel couldn't help but ask the two men what they thought of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. While Bergin mimed bowing down in an act of worship, Foster told Kimmel, "Oh we love Tom Brady." When Kimmel asked for their thoughts on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, neither needed time to formulate their answers nor did they mince words.

"You suck, Roger Goodell!"

Before signing off with the two men, Jimmy Kimmel suggested the two be on an episode of Shark Week, narrate a future DVD of Planet Earth, and invited the pair to California to appear on a future taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel also manages to ask if Bergin and Foster were selling shirts like the one Foster was sporting. According to New York Daily News, they indeed are, and can be purchased on the website Chowdahheadz.com.

[Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Image]