'Modern Family' Spoilers, Alex Goes To College, But When?

Modern Family's Dunphy family is changing by leaps and bounds this season with their middle child, Alex, leaving for college. Claire and Phil are feeling the empty nest.

As the Inquisitr reported, there are changes for the whole family on Modern Family. Haley and Andy are still in a holding pattern, while Mitch and Cam are still sorting out Mitch being out of work, and Jay is toying with the idea of retiring and handing the reigns of his closet business to Claire.

According to Christian Post, Alex will be pulling a fast one on her parents in order to check into college on her own terms.This week's episode, called "The Day Alex Left For College," has Alex telling her parents the wrong day for move in to Caltech because she wants to do it on her own terms.
"I think it hits Phil a little bit harder than it hits Claire, because Claire's more involved in her professional life at this point, especially as Jay starts to make some noises about retiring. She's much more immersed in her work life, but Phil takes it kind of hard."
Venture Capital Post says that Alex is trying to make a step towards independence by moving into college on her own. And speaking of independence, Jay and Gloria's son Joe is off to preschool, giving Gloria a minor pang of empty nest blues.
MNR Daily says that though Alex will be in college, she will still be a big part of Modern Family according to co-creator Christopher Lloyd, who also promises that Alex will continue in her role throughout the time she is seeking her degree.

"She will still be very much be on the show for the upcoming new season. Her family will be visiting her a lot in college and that she would also be frequently coming home on the weekends to see her parents and family."

The Dunphys are also missing Haley, who is no longer living at home, and is visiting less often than before.

Realty Today reports that the Haley-Andy relationship will not shake out in the first few episodes, but will continue to provide some friction throughout the season.

"So that's what we're looking for in this relationship, that they're two people who the audience kind of sees would be good for each other sooner than each of those people actually sees it, because the other is not what either one of them has been looking for in life. You know, Haley's sort of been going for more superficial guys, and I think Andy's been going for sort of more law-and-order, kind of mother types, and these are not their typical types, which makes it fun to contemplate what it would be like for them to be together," Lloyd said.

Sources say that Mitch and Cam will not be moving forward with a new adoption this season, as Mitch will remain out of work, so money is tight in their house.

One last tip from the Dunphy household: Luke will have a bit of flirtation with the wrong side of the law, and it will be up to Phil and Claire to set him straight.

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