September 23, 2015
'Modern Family' Premiere Tonight Answers Cliffhanging Questions [Spoilers]

Tonight is the night for the season 7 premiere of Modern Family, and unlike past seasons, we were left with some cliffhangers at the end of season 6. We will see the next chapter of Haley and Andy, and how Alex and Luke will get on in this new chapter of their lives.

The Inquisitr reports that Cam and Mitchell will have a lot to resolve this season, as Mitchell will take his turn as stay-at-home dad, as he finds himself out of work. Fans will get to see Mitchell coach Lily's soccer team, which should be hilarious.

The last time we saw Andy, according to Entertainment Weekly, he was on his way to propose to his girlfriend, but sources say that Haley and Andy are far from over.

"The premiere follows a tumultuous summer that takes up where we left off with lots of ups and downs between those two," Lloyd says. "It's a relationship that we follow through the entire season. We enjoy writing them — they're great together."

We also saw Alex about to leave for college, after years of hard work and preparation.

"We have her with a roommate who's kind of a fun new character," Lloyd teases. "She's just an intense, hyperactive, type-A 15-year-old — this genius prodigy who gets into CalTech. And the dynamic between Alex and her roommate in an odd way starts to be reminiscent of the Haley-Alex relationship — only Alex is now in the Haley role."

Yahoo News caught up with Modern Family co-creator Christopher Lloyd, who admits he got a lot of feedback about the show over the summer, especially about Haley and Andy.

"We have gotten some feedback, sure. The consensus would seem to be that they like Andy and Haley together. They like them individually, and they sort of like the idea of them together because they're not quite sure what that might be — other than that they seem to make each other laugh and on paper certainly seem good for each other. So that's what we're looking for in this relationship, that they're two people who the audience kind of sees would be good for each other sooner than each of those people actually sees it, because the other is not what either one of them has been looking for in life."

Will you be watching Modern Family tonight?

[Photo courtesy of ABC Television]