Mexican Councillor Olga Gutierrez Machorro Says Homeless People Should Be Put Down By Lethal Injection, People React

Mexican councillor Olga Gutierrez Machorro has sparked outrage after she suggested homeless people be put down by lethal injection like animals to keep the number on the streets down.

While speaking at an event in the south-central Mexican state, Olga, who ironically is the councillor responsible for the Vulnerable Groups Commission, discussed ways in which to help the homeless and disadvantaged people in the community. While she admits that she has a big heart, and even opens her home to those with nowhere to call home, she said it isn’t a real solution to the growing number of beggars on the streets in Mexico.

“Yes they’re a little crazy, but they’re harmless,” Machorro, who is a member of the local government in Tecamachalco, Mexico, which is located on the outskirts of Mexico City, told the newspaper Cambio, according to Metro. “Which is why I think to myself wouldn’t it be kinder to just give them a lethal injection?”

Machorro went on to suggest that the local hospitals, including the psychiatric hospital, El Batan, were already unofficially killing patients with mental health problems. She also remarked that the homeless people who were deemed “unagressive” would be dumped in the middle of “motorways in a bid to put them at risk.”

Not surprisingly, Machorro’s comments were met with extreme backlash from her community, forcing her to apologize and announce that she would be coming up with a new plan to help deal with the growing number of homeless citizens.

“She would feel differently if one of the homeless people were her brother/sister, mother/father, daughter/son!!! When I see mentally challenged homeless people on the street I feel REALLY REALLY bad & sad because I think to myself, this is someone’s sister/brother, mother/father, daughter/son and I can’t help but imagine how horrible it would be to watch your own loved one living like this and there is nothing you can do to help them!! I wish there were a solution for this problem, but lethal injection is NOT the solution!!!” one reader commented.

“This woman advocates the mass murder of the less fortunate and most vulnerable in society. Every life matters..even homeless lives,” another reader wrote.

“I believe that anyone with those beliefs should be put down in the best interest of every other human being on the face of the planet. That is one of the most disgusting ideas I have ever heard of for dealing with the homeless issue in Mexico or any other country, this sounds like something Hitler would have endorsed, and this person is a counselor for vulnerable people?” another reader added.

Homeless man in Mexico City [Photo by ChameleonsEye /]

According to the World Population Review, Mexico City had an estimated population of nearly nine million people in 2013. However, the metropolitan area is much larger with approximately 21.2 million people, making the city one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the Western Hemisphere. The city also holds 20 percent of Mexico’s overall population.

Because of the increasing population, Mexico City has faced many problems, including the ability to offer services and housing to all of the residents. This had led to the development of many shantytowns on the outskirts of the city that are without basic services.

Homeless family in Mexico [Photo by Sean Bolt /]

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