WWE Rumors: The Shield Reuniting In The Future – Does Seth Rollins Think It Will Happen?

The Shield was one of the most popular stables to ever walk down the aisle to a WWE ring, and fans still hope that they will one day reunite. Rumors have been speculating about a reunion between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins for months now, but one hasn’t yet come. Rollins is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and he recently spoke about if the “Hounds of Justice” would ever come back together.

While Seth Rollins is the current WWE Champion, Ambrose and Reigns are without titles and have been since the group dissolved in mid-2014. Reigns has had chances and even won the Royal Rumble this year, but his main event shot at WrestleMania 31 ended up being taken over by Rollins.

Speaking of Rollins, he was on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show and, obviously, a reunion of The Shield came up in conversation. Of course, Rollins isn’t going to give too much away, but that would be if he even knew exactly what WWE was going to do in the future.

“We get to fire up the band in other incarnations. We always laugh about it now when we do these tag matches and six mans and I’m on the other side of the ring and they’re like partnered up with Randy Orton or something like that. It’s just funny because you can put the components in all the different places but it still comes out gold every time. The two of those guys, myself, I feel like paved the way for a different kind of work ethic than what we had been seeing in WWE over the past five years, maybe before that. That’s something I know the three of us are real proud of and every time we go out there we’re going out there to have the best match and steal the show whether working against each other, with each other it doesn’t matter. And that’s just kind of the attitude we came in with and we stuck to our guns this entire time and it’s cool to be able to share that with two other guys. The time we had with The Shield, who knows if it will ever come back around but if it doesn’t no one will ever be able to take that run away from us either.”

So with him saying that, he’s not really saying anything. It’s obvious that he wouldn’t be against a reunion of The Shield but has no real idea if it’s ever going to happen. Either that or he just can’t say anything at this time, as WWE likes to keep a lot of things under wraps.

Cageside Seats made a really valid point that each member of The Shield hasn’t been extremely successful since the split.

Rollins has been the WWE Champion since April, but it’s not like he is a huge draw with the belt around his waist. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns have been partnered together again for months since they have no real direction as singles competitors.

Sure, as members of The Shield, they are still technically singles wrestlers, but they just drew more attention and focus. When they didn’t have a singles title, they also at least had the WWE Tag Team Titles, which are now prestigious again thanks to a rejuvenated tag division.

Seth Rollins is a great wrestler and fantastic on the mic, so there is no doubt that he should hold on to the WWE Title. The only problem is that he just kind of stays out the spotlight without the attention of the other two Shield members at his side.

It’s not known if The Shield will ever reunite again, but once The Wyatt Family came back together, anything is possible. Seth Rollins is doing well, but Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose seem stuck in mid-card purgatory and only the reunion of the Hounds of Justice may get them out of it.

[Image via WWE]