Iran To Buy Russian Aircraft And Space Equipment For $21 Billion – Countries Bargained Sanctions And Nuclear Programs Too?

Iran will soon buy Russian aircraft and related equipment. A mega-deal worth $21 billion has been signed that may also see reductions in sanctions as well as regression of the nuclear program.

Manouchehr Manteghi, the managing director of Iran Aviation Industries Organization, confirmed that Tehran has signed a $21 billion deal with Russia to procure advanced aircrafts and satellite related equipment. He added that the deal was inked at the MAKS-2015 air show, which was held in Russia last month, reported Press TV.

At the heart of the deal are multiple units of Sukhoi Superjet 100. The versatile jets can accommodate anywhere between 8 to 108 passengers with ease. Available at competitive rates, the Superjet has ultra-modern manufacturing and assembly units that can quickly churn out multiple planes within a short span of time. A short delivery-schedule is quite important in aviation industry. Coupled with commendable fuel-economy, lower operating costs, and high cruising speeds, these jets are steadily being considered by many aviation companies. Without revealing the number of aircraft being bought by Iran, Manteghi said the following.

“There is a large share of contracts for the purchase of this type of aircraft.”

Apart from buying complete aircraft, the countries have also agreed to jointly work on aircraft engine and its various iterations for varied purposes. Elaborating the concept, Manteghi added the following.

“We plan that we will carry out joint projects in the areas of design, production and promotion of platforms for a new generation engine for further economic exploitation.”

The two countries have been increasingly working together since the ISIS has been wreaking havoc in the Middle East, reported HNGN. In fact, Iran and Russia have been helping Syria and Iraq put up a comprehensive and tactile intelligence center in Baghdad, which will not just offer advanced monitoring capabilities, but also act as a forward reconnaissance base to keep a close watch on the ISIS.

The Cooperation Between Iran And Russia Has Been High
The Cooperation Between Iran And Russia Has Been High

However, there could be more than what meets the eye. Tehran had signed a very crucial deal with six world powers about two months back, which accorded the country significant relief from crippling sanctions. In return, Iran appears to have agreed to scale back its nuclear program, which was viewed as a threat to the world. Subsequent to the deal, the cooperation between Russia and Iran appears to have surged, only to be further boosted by the ISIS insurgence.

With a primary aim to boost economies and ties, Iran could also be buying aircraft from Russia to bolster its aging fleet and gain new technologies. It seems terrorism and an aggressive nuclear program was the reason Iran is collaborating so intimately with Russia.

[Image Credit: Kirill Kudryavtsev, Alexander Nemenov / Getty Images]