#SuperBloodMoon Gets 60,600 Tweets On Twitter Ahead Of Eclipse

The term #SuperBloodMoon is currently going viral on Twitter on Sunday, September 27. That’s the beginning of the day when the “Super Blood Moon” will make its final appearance until 2033. So, viewers are ready to catch that super blood moon starting at 8 p.m. ET or else miss out on the lunar event that’s been talked about for years now. It’ll take 18 more years for such a special event to come around, so that’s the reason for the 60,600 tweets about the trend that Twitter is reporting as of this writing.

The super blood moon event should be visible to plenty of stargazers in the U.S., as well as others around the world — as long as the weather cooperates and isn’t too cloudy. While some claim that this fourth blood moon in a series of others during 2014 and 2015 means something significant spiritually, others beg to differ. The Mormon Church even issued a statement to calm down folks who believe that this super blood moon means that the world is ending, to those who have cleared store shelves in a panic over what some call the apocalypse, which is actually defined as revelation — and not merely the end of the world.

While it is still the wee afternoon hours in the U.S. and folks are more focused on Sunday football or other matters — around the world other folks in later time zones are posting their super blood moon photos already. The super blood moon has begun to rise in France, and viewers are noting that the moon appears larger, as promised.

The super blood moon is also supposed to appear blood-like, with a reddish appearance. Those super blood moon photos should be found under the #bloodmoon hashtag on Instagram and #bloodmoon on the images tab on Twitter, as well as the hashtags that include the “super” prefix ahead of those tags.

The #superbloodmoon hashtag on Instagram already has photos from people in Berlin, Germany, uploaded that display the bright moon. Others posting under that hashtag on Instagram note the spectacular sky in Paris.

On Twitter, the #superbloodmoon Image tab also shows folks uploading their own renditions of the super blood moon, or their angst at trying to figure out how to watch the glowing moon. Experts say that getting away from city lights helps, as well as turning off extra lights from the driveway and such.

[Image Courtesy: David McNew / Getty Images]