Wal-Mart censorship – no Green Day for you

The retail behemoth known worldwide as Wal-Mart is also known for it’s habit of trying to force its own morality upon the manufacturers of things it sells. This is most predominately showcased when it comes to music that is available at the retail chain.

The latest victim of Wal-Mart censorship is the new album from Green Day, 21st Century Breakdown, which they will not be carrying in their stores because the band wouldn’t offer the retailer a clean version of the album.

“Wal-Mart’s become the biggest retail outlet in the country, but they won’t carry our record because they wanted us to censor it,” frontman Billie Joe Armstrong griped to the press. “They want artists to censor their records in order to be carried in there. We just said no. We’ve never done it before. You feel like you’re in 1953 or something.”

Source: Yahoo Music

It’s not like the banning from Wal-Mart stores has hurt the band’s newest release though as it still debut at number one.