WWE Rumors: Another Long-Time Star Teasing A Return Very Soon

There has been a lot of talk lately about superstars returning from hiatus and others coming back after years away from WWE. Now, there are rumors swirling that a long-time superstar could end up coming back, and it’s actually Goldust teasing his comeback.

Goldust hasn’t been seen since May when he had to have surgery on a shoulder injury, and it was set to keep him out of action for at least two to four months. Everyone kind of got the feeling that he was retiring sometime this year, but he’s not done yet.

Now, it’s obvious that this is leading to him appearing in NXT, and it’s actually going to be for a very good reason. As WrestleZone reported, he will be heading to NXT, not to compete, but to be a presenter of sorts.

The NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament has been ongoing for some time now, and it’s known that both Cody Rhodes (Stardust) and Goldust will be there for the Finals and present the trophy to the winning team.

Wrestling Inc. did touch on a Cody Rhodes interview in which he revealed that he and his brother would be at NXT this week to present the trophy. Rhodes revealed that he will be there as Cody Rhodes and not Stardust as Goldust will likely be present as Dustin Rhodes.

“It’s great though that you ask, because the Dusty Rhodes tag tournament taking place in NXT is something he would really be proud of because of all the platforms it gives to talent, including independent talent that came in for a shot to win the Dusty Rhodes tag tournament. I will actually be there myself, (as) me — for the first time a while on WWE programming — Cody Rhodes and my brother will be there to present the trophy, which I’m looking forward to seeing.”

Stardust recently brought The Ascension under his wing in WWE to become the Astro Alliance, formerly the Cosmic Wasteland. There is no word on whether Goldust will actually be returning to action in the ring for WWE, but a part of his brother’s stable wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Goldust hasn’t played an old school heel in WWE in quite some time, and his character was great at it many years ago. A return to NXT is a good start, but hopefully more is coming soon. It’s been about five months since his shoulder surgery so he should be ready to come back to the ring, if he’s ever going to do so.

[Image via WWE]