‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 2: New Sneak Peeks And Spoilers Tease What’s Next

Castle returned to ABC last Monday night, and fans had their first look at Castle and Beckett after a major change in their lives – her promotion to Captain Beckett.

The two-part premiere will continue on Monday night, and fans will see the events unfold from Beckett’s point-of-view. The premiere was told from Castle’s side. This means will see some scenes from the premiere again, but they will be told from Beckett’s perspective.

Sneaks peeks have been released for Castle Season 8 Episode 2, and one of the sneak peeks features a big shocker. The episode titled “XX” will feature a surprise character, according to TV Guide. The clip shows Beckett on the run from armed gunman. She is able to get away from the pursuer initially, but after her quick thinking saves the day she is caught by another of the group. This is when the new character slides in and saves Beckett.

Beckett wants to know who the mystery woman is, but she will not say at first. She leads Beckett out of the building, but this is where the newly appointed Captain Beckett demands the woman’s identity. The woman informs her that she is Castle’s step-mom.

Spoiler TV shared the second sneak peek released from ABC for this week’s Castle episode. This clip features Castle and Beckett, who are played by Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Castle and Beckett are reunited in this clip, but he is not at all happy about her 36-hour disappearance.

He tells her how mad he is, and the two have a conversation about the need for no more secrets between them. Beckett agrees, but that is a hard promise to make. Will she keep that promise in the future? Fans will need to keep watching to find out.

Castle has been a hit for ABC for seven seasons, but the premiere episode fell in third place for the big three networks on Monday night. The big premiere of Blindspot on NBC scored the win for the night with 10.65 million viewers, according Spoiler TV. Castle’s premiere had a 7.09 million viewers.

Some Castle fans may worry about the low ratings for the premiere, but the +3 ratings would help alleviate any concerns fans may have about the future of this series on ABC.

The +3 ratings come from DVR viewers, and those numbers bumped Castle up in a big way, according to TV By The Numbers on Saturday. Their ratings report revealed that DVR viewers caused a “lift” of 58%. With +3 numbers included, Castle had a total of 10.0 million viewers for the Season 8 premiere.

Those numbers should make it clear that Castle has a solid future. Fans love seeing the romance between Castle and Beckett unfold week after week. There are big things ahead once the two-part premiere is over.

Alexi Hawley teased a bit about the cases ahead on Castle Season 8 to Give Me My Remote.

“We have some really fun stuff going on. We might go back to college in one episode. What we’d like to do, in diving into the character stories, is bring in some memorable guest cast of characters — both new and maybe old, hopefully, if we can make deals. Part of the show isn’t necessarily the procedural beat. It’s about what you do when you get them. It’s less important how you get them as what you do when you get them. We want the cases to be clever and surprising, but we don’t want to be hung up on the procedural [aspect]…what is the story? What is the character story?”

Are you excited for more of Castle on ABC? This series will continue to air on Monday nights on ABC.

[Photo courtesy of ABC]