McDonald’s Employee Praised For Staggering Act Of Kindness In Viral Photo

A McDonald’s employee has become a hero on social media after a photo of him helping a disabled man eat his meal went viral, Fox News is reporting.

Last week, Facebook user Destiny Carrero was at a Chicago McDonald’s during a busy rush hour, when she overheard an elderly customer in a wheelchair saying “Help me please.”

“From what I perceived, the gentleman may have had a case of quadriplegia, the same medical condition my uncle has. The man politely tried to ask the cashier something and it took him a few tries before either of us could understand he was saying ‘Help me please.’ Neither of us knew what help he needed, and the cashier suggested a few things before he figured out the gentleman needed help cutting and eating his meal.”

Then, the McDonald’s employee — identified only as “Kenny” — did the unthinkable: during a busy rush period in downtown Chicago, he closed his cash register, walked over to the disabled customer, cut up his meal for him, and helped him eat.

“At that point, the tears started to gather in my eyes. My heart was so appreciative for what he did. I couldn’t contain my emotions in the crowded restaurant. This employee, who put everything on hold for this man, went above and beyond his responsibilities to help this handicapped customer out. That was the kindest and most humble thing I had ever seen.”

In a statement to NBC News, the McDonald’s employee’s boss, franchise owner Rod Lubeznik, praised his employee and reminded readers of the impact an act of kindness can make.

“It’s a true testament to who Kenny is, and a reminder to us all that one seemingly small act of kindness can touch the hearts of so many.”

The unidentified Chicago McDonald’s employee is the latest in a long line of customer service workers who have been caught on social media going out of their way for customers who need extra help. For example, in April of this year, Aldi employee Christian Trousedale became a social media sensation after photos of him helping an elderly customer walk his groceries home went viral.

Since the day Destiny posted the picture of the Chicago McDonald’s employee’s act of kindness, it has gained over a million shares on various social media platforms.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan]