Ireland Ghost: Is This Video Of A Supposed Poltergeist Haunting A House In Ireland Real Or A Hoax? [Video]

Since the advent of photography, people have been trying to capture images of “ghosts” or hauntings. With the dawn of the internet, and the great desire for something you create to go viral and reach millions of people around the world, many people these days have taken to creating hoax haunting videos, in which a very obvious — or sometimes not so obvious — “ghost” is faked through the use of fishing line and clever camera work. According to the Daily Mail, a recent viral video, being called the “Ireland Ghost” video, purporting to show a poltergeist haunting a small kitchen in Cork, Ireland, may be one such hoax haunting video, but if it is, the woman who shot the Ireland ghost video isn’t owning up to it.

The Ireland Ghost video was split up into two parts. The original was posted to Ashy Murphy’s Facebook page on September 15, and then again on September 16, with the subsequent video posted twice on September 22, and again on September 23. The captions to go along with the Facebook posts read “Ye think he have problems I’m down in the middle of no where with this happening to me wtf,” and “Its getting way worse I defo [sic] have to move house,” respectively.

The video that has since gone viral starts out innocuous enough, with the camera pointed at a hanging lamp in the middle of a kitchen. The lamp begins swaying gently, and then more forcefully, before a set of what look to be brooms fall against a door. Something translucent flies toward the camera and then pots and pans are heard — and then seen — clanging together on the counter. The video pans to a cupboard door which bangs open, and then, in the final seconds of the video, the “ghost” seems to throw a red bucket across the kitchen floor.

The Ireland Ghost videos have been shared hundreds of thousands of times, and have been viewed millions. While many viewers tout the creepiness of the video — some even going so far as to say it kept them up at night — there are many more who are screaming that it is a hoax, and that the “ghost” is actually a set of thin fishing wires used to pull off the supposed haunting, reports International Business Times.

Watch the viral Ireland Ghost video below and sound off in the comments what you think. Can you spot the supposed fishing wire at 1:05? Will the video keep you up at night, or is it just another case of someone trying to find internet fame with a fake haunting?

[Image Credit: London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images]