Socality Barbie Instagram Account Swells To 1.2 Million Followers

If you haven’t yet become a Socality Barbie Instagram follower, you likely will join the 1.2 million followers of the funny Instagram account. The IG page is one that mocks all the things wrong with social media, with its glorious vanity and non-realism.

“That PNW Life | Adventurer | Coffee Drinker | Jesus | Authentic Living | Socality”

The Socality Barbie has become such an Internet sensation in such a short time, reports The Atlantic, perhaps because the hipster version of a Barbie doll all over the beach and woods represents what’s wrong with only showing a certain version of lifestyles online. For those folks wondering where the “Socality” in Socality Barbie’s name comes from — the publication reports that the IG name is gleaned from Socality, a Christian organization founded in 2014. However, the official website of the mysterious Barbie figure explains that “Socality” stands for “social community all for eternity” — which sounds pretty spiritual.

It’s funny photos, however, of a guy that looks like a bearded Ken doll whose beard comes compliments of a black marker as he dons a flannel shirt and walks through foliage that makes the Barbie site a hoot.

“This guy. So fearlessly authentic.”

The Socality Barbie mocks Instagram users who love hashtags, reports, along with Socality Barbie bragging about her #blessed life. The hipster Barbie’s Instagram account is a parody of those who choose to brag about their clothing, their perfect and ideal lives on the seashores, and other very photogenic venues.

The funniest parts of the Barbie Instagram account show scenes where the doll is looking wistfully out at the shore of a beach, and quips about how she took a minute from her reverie in order to snap a photo of herself staring wistfully at the water, like some sort of scene from Wuthering Heights.

The main question plenty of folks have about the viral Barbie Instagram is exactly who is behind the funny account. According to the Guardian, Socality Barbie might reference the Christian-based movement, but isn’t affiliated with it in any way. Socality Barbie is mainly a big hit because of the writing that mocks the clichéd “liveauthentic” hashtag users.

She’s one “Hipster Barbie” who has seen her Instagram following skyrocket in a short amount of time. Socality Barbie loves coffee and walks in nature, and definitely her hashtags — labels that help organize Instagram posts around certain topics, and help bring lots of likes to those posting on IG about the #fitness or #fitspo love.

Socality Barbie gains attention in a provocative way, and the Hipster Barbie is actually a fashion blogger, claims POPSUGAR.

[Image via Instagram]