Azealia Banks Has A Major Meltdown On A Plane, Uses Homophobic Slurs Towards Flight Attendant [Video]

Azealia Banks lost her cool while on a Delta flight Tuesday morning, and it was all caught on tape. Banks was on the Delta flight traveling from New York to Los Angeles and maybe didn’t get enough sleep before exiting the plane. A bystander on the plane caught most of the incident on video, which was obtained by TMZ and leaves you shaking your head.

When Banks’ flight landed Tuesdays around 1 a.m., the singer bolted for the door but was blocked by another couple grabbing their luggage. Banks tried to squeeze past the couple but the man blocked Azealia from passing them and Banks did not like that. Supposedly Banks spit, punched the gentleman in his face, and clawed at his shirt after she was not allowed to pass him, according to the Grio.

After the altercation occurred, flight attendants were called to help the unruly Banks, but instead it only made matters worse. The flight attendant grabbed Banks’ bag and told her to calm down, which caused Banks to lose her balance and fall into her seat. Azealia then took her anger out on the flight attendant, tugging at her bag to try and claim possession of it from the attendant.

In the video, you can hear Azealia Banks demanding to leave the plane and asking for her bag from the flight attendant. At one point, she uses homophobic slurs towards the flight attendant because she was not getting her way. The co-pilot joined the incident and informed Azealia that the police had been called. At that point, you see Banks run off the plane and drop her cellphone in the process.

Police eventually caught up to Banks and spoke with witnesses, but the couple who was involved decided not to press charges against Azealia, which is really nice of them. The couple said that they were here on holiday and didn’t want to have to deal with pressing charges against Banks, which shows Banks got extremely lucky.

This isn’t the first time that Azealia Banks has used homophobic slurs, and she tries to defend herself by saying that the slurs are part of being a feminist. In the end, not cool Azealia Banks, not cool.

You can watch Azealia have her tantrum below but be warned, the video does contain strong language as you can clearly hear her using homophobic slurs.

[Image by Brad Barket/ Getty Images]