Why Doesn’t Anyone On ‘RHOC’ Believe Alleged Con Man Brooks Ayers Has Cancer?

Most situations in which someone confesses they have cancer, friends, family, and even strangers rally around them. But for Brooks Ayers of Real Housewives of Orange County, his past of using prostitutes, lying, being a deadbeat dad, and allegedly being an all-around con man are not buying him much good will with ex Vicki Gunvalson’s friends in Orange County, or the multitude of Real Housewives fans.

Radar Online has reported that little by little, Vicki Gunvalson’s friends and family are distancing themselves from Gunvalson and Ayers, who most of them never really liked or trusted, after details of his past came to light. Now that Ayers and Gunvalson have allegedly split, the feelings toward Gunvalson are now about pity, as friends feel bad that Vicki bought the lies. Recently Tamra Judge put her foot down on RHOC.

“I’ve been your biggest supporter,” Tamra comes after Brooks in a rage. “Why don’t you give a straight answer for once in your f***ing life?!”

Now, in true Brooks Ayers form, he is throwing Vicki Gunvalson under the bus according to Radar Online, and he is very bitter.

“Brooks felt that Vicki really became a totally different person that she was when they started,” an insider told Radar. “He said that everything about her has changed, and not in a good way.”

Another source added, “He’s already moved back to Mississippi, and he’s telling friends she ruined his life.”

According to People Magazine, even though Ayers has now left town, he says he isn’t running from anything, and swears he really does have cancer, and is now blaming Bravo and RHOC to stir up drama where none exists.

“I think they do it to create drama,” Ayers said of the cast’s accusations regarding his illness. “It’s useless drama that brings on stress that quite frankly no one needs and in particular my situation. I’m not running from anything.”

He also says by stopping chemo, his lesions went away.

“My lesion, my inflammations were gone. Gone! So I’m encouraged,” Ayers said giving an update on his current condition.

He is urging his fans to stay tuned, as the truth will be revealed, but that doesn’t explain why Gunvalson finally gave up on the relationship.

Do you believe that Brooks Ayers is faking cancer on Real Housewives?

[Photo courtesy of Jeff Gentner / Getty Images]