Dad Ryan Reynolds Meets IKEA Flat Pack Crib In Hilarious Video

GQ Magazine gave Ryan Reynolds a crib from IKEA and, in this funny video, we watch his attempts to put it together. The results are hilarious, and anyone that has bought flat pack furniture from the Swedish giant IKEA will sympathize completely with Ryan’s problem.

When presented with endless written instructions and loads of hardware, Ryan Reynolds is, to say the least, bewildered.

He decides to phone IKEA customer service, but they really don’t help him. Reynolds says, “Besides a slow descent into alcoholism, I’m just really having trouble finding all the screws and pieces that go with it. I mean, there’s got to be over a hundred thousand pieces that came with it.”

According to Popsugar, the crib was a gift from GQ after they interviewed new dad Ryan Reynolds at the birth of his daughter. Little did they know what their gift was going to do to the proud dad of James and husband of Blake Lively.

He does, however, finally get the piece of furniture together. Sort of. Like many a “handyman” before him, Ryan Reynolds resorts to beer and one of the most necessary of household tools (along with WD40), good old duct tape.

The video was uploaded by GQ Magazine to YouTube on Monday with the description, “Does the new dad have what it takes? What’s Swedish for ‘f**k you’?”

Watch the fun action below.

Speaking fatherhood, Reynolds, 38, was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, where the Deadpool actor admitted he was no longer cool now that he is a parent.

“I’ve definitely lost all cool.”

“I’m the dad guy now.”

While he loves being a parent, he admitted to Jimmy that he is relieved that his daughter is “no longer allergic to sleep,” but said the problems haven’t stopped there.

Ryan says while it’s great that James, his daughter, has learned to say Mama, the problem is, she says it to him too.

“She’s saying ‘Mama’.”

“What my wife doesn’t realize is [James] calls me ‘Mama’ too. Seriously. I literally had to sit her down and tell her that penises don’t work that way. She understands – she gets it.”

After speaking of his new upcoming movie, Mississippi Grind, which will be in theaters Friday this week (and, according to Jimmy, it’s good), Ryan Reynolds then got the pleasure of playing a round or two of Slapjack with Fallon. Watch the action below.

In other Ryan Reynolds family news, the Inquisitr reports that Reynolds was horrified when he caught a close friend attempting to sell baby photos he had sent to him.

[Photo Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively by Mike Coppola / Getty Images Entertainment]