Corinne Novak Hurts Husband Michael’s Testicles – GoPro Videos Get Her Arrested [Videos]

The usual type of GoPro footage doesn’t involve domestic battery incidents being caught on camera, but that’s exactly what got Corinne Novak in trouble when she allegedly grabbed the testicles of her estranged husband, Michael, in a harmful manner. As seen in the videos below, Michael — whose last name is being protected since he’s the victim of alleged domestic violence — had strapped a GoPro to his belt when it came time for him to face his wife, Corinne.

Warning: The following footage contains violence and may be disturbing to some readers.

The footage that Michael captured on his belt-attached GoPro was enough to convince Pinellas County Deputies to take his estranged wife to jail on domestic violence charges. Michael described how the GoPro was able to catch enough of the scene to prove that something violent had happened.

According to KGW, Michael said it wasn’t the first time that he had to pull out his GoPro in order to prove a melee had occurred between him and Corinne or to provide video proof of his own innocence such as the testicles incident.

“This is just one of many instances where I’ve had to use the camera to either prove her guilt or prove my innocence and that’s the only reason I am carrying it.”

Michael, a soldier, as reported by WTSP 10 News‎, went up against 37-year-old Corinne when she forcefully grabbed his genitals.

The couple has been going through a lengthy divorce and are engaged in a heated custody battle over their 2-year-old twins. As is often noted in heated divorce battles, the times when divorcing parents hand over the kids to one another can be a volatile time.

The Florida soldier used his GoPro camera to catch a crime, reported Raw Story‎.

It’s not the first time that a GoPro has been used to catch a crime; although, it could be the first time that a GoPro was used to catch a wife grabbing her husband’s testicles in a manner to hurt him. Using an innovative method to strap the camera to his body, Michael tied the GoPro to his belt via a parachute cord.

“A GoPro has such a wide angle scope on it. It catches everything from five feet away from the feet to the head.”

The melee happened last Thursday, when Michael tried to unstrap one of his sons from the backseat of a car. Instead, Michael screamed as Corinne grabbed his testicles.

[Image via Pinellas County mugshot]