Morrissey Blasts David Cameron Pig Gate Sex Scandal: 'No, Boys Won't Be Boys'

Zachary Volkert

Morrissey has long been known for being critical of the higher powers in English politics, and equally as well known for his dedicated support of animal rights. With British prime minister David Cameron embroiled in a scandal over allegedly performing a sex act on a pig as a young man, it was only a matter time before Morrissey flicked his sharp tongue about the situation.

The former Smiths frontman posted a PETA statement to his personal website True To You, amended with his own commentary about what David had done and what it said about him as a person and a leader. Morrissey added to the original Pig Gate statement to Cameron by saying the prime minister had performed an act of "sexual perversion."

"No, boys won't be boys - not when it's sexual perversion and also involves a vulnerable victim of slaughter, a feeling being who lost his or her life and then was used for a prank. Where have we seen other people in power misusing and sexually abusing corpses? This conduct is not excusable just because the perpetrator is prejudiced against and sneers at the other individual's identity. Most pigs in the UK already live lives filled with pain and fear, confined to severely crowded, filthy sheds and denied the opportunity to engage in any natural behaviour."

For those unfamiliar with the accusations in Pig Gate outside of Morrissey's input, David allegedly stuck his penis inside the mouth of a dead pig as part of a dining club initiation while he was studying at Oxford as a young man. Michael Ashcroft, who is releasing a critical biography of Cameron, published an excerpt in The Daily Mail Sunday evening claiming that an anonymous member of British parliament had told him about the event -- multiple times and in detail. According to him, David committed the sex act on the pig at the behest of the Piers Gaveston, a society Ashcroft says is noted for sexual debauchery. Pig's heads, he says, appear in multiple accounts of the group's history.

No matter how upset Morrissey and PETA get, The Telegraph's James Kirkup noted that it was unlikely to have much of an effect on the overall political conversation. People like Morrissey, after all, have long hated Cameron. Whether David assaulted a pig or nursed one back to health, the songwriter probably wouldn't vote for him either way.

"If that sounds weak and unconvincing it's because it is. Perverse as it might sound, there really aren't any political consequences of a story that the Prime Minister did something rude to a dead pig. It won't change anyone's mind about him, though it may convince some that they were right in what they already thought. It won't change a single vote, and wouldn't have done so even if Mr Cameron was standing again."

[Image via Kevin Winter and Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images]