Bravo Housewife Tamra Barney Admits To Making ‘Several Sex Tapes’

Bravo housewife Tamra Barney recently participated in a shocking game of “Have You Ever?” On September 21, Us Weekly shared a clip from the game, during which the Bravo housewife candidly admitted to making “several sex tapes.”

Following a 10th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, which saw the Bravo housewife creating a promotional video for her gym that emulated an adult film, Barney spoke to the magazine about her wild past and self-made adult films — including “one in the jungle in Panama with an iPhone.”

Also during the tell-all interview, the Bravo housewife recalled one time she got high with her cousin, revealing, “My cousin got me so stoned and we went to the grocery store and I knocked over one of those big Ragu jars. I was laughing so hard because I was stoned. We ran! I was like, ‘Get me out of here!'”

The Bravo housewife then spoke of a scene from The Real Housewives of Orange County, during which she threw a glass of wine at the face of her co-star, Jeana Keough.

“It was not one of my prouder moments… I was so sure that I was gonna get arrested. So I went home. I didn’t take my false eyelashes off [or] my makeup [and I] laid my hair out. If I’m gonna get arrested, I’m gonna look damn good doing it!”

Bravo housewife Tamra Barney was recently called out for her racy on-screen behavior by her ex-husband Simon. In a statement shared with multiple media outlets, the former husband of the Bravo housewife alleged her oldest child, daughter Sidney, 16, had been impacted by Barney’s actions. Among the notable scenes mentioned by Simon were the Bravo housewife’s bathtub scene with husband Eddie Judge, her party with male strippers in Mexico, and other scenes in which she was “drunk” and “trash talking.”

“Not only does my daughter have to read and hear about what her mother says about her father on the internet and various talk-shows, she is forced to relive it over and over from her ‘friends and classmates.'”

Around the same time, the Bravo housewife spoke to Radar Online, claiming her former husband had alienated her from her daughter and manipulated Sidney into testifying against her in court as part of their custody battle.

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