Texas House Explosion Levels Waxahacie Home And Injures Three People

A Texas house explosion has sent at least two people to the hospital in Waxahachie. Three other people were treated for minor injuries at the scene after the house exploded and then caught on fire.

At least nine area properties were impacted by the explosion. The neighborhood was evacuated after the Texas house explosion. Preliminary reports indicate the Waxahachie home exploded due to a natural gas leak.

The home caught fire around 8 a.m. local time, NBC Dallas/Fort Worth News reports. A total of two adults and one child were reportdly inside the home when it exploded.

The adults were reportedly burned “seriously,” and were airlifted to Parkland Memorial Hospital in nearby Dallas. The boy also reportedly suffered burns, but was able to walk out of the home. The child expressed concern about his family as he was given emergency medical care by first responders.

The home explosion left just a small portion of the structure’s frame intact, with most of the home falling onto the foundation and collapsing. Thousands of pieces of debris reportedly flew onto several nearby homes and caused broken windows and other minor damage. Neighbors further away from the explosion said their homes shook and it sounded “like a bomb went off” before the house caught on fire. Some neighbors also told local reporters that they had complained about gas line issues.

“First and foremost our thoughts are with the families affected by today’s incident. We want to express our sincere concern,” Jennifer Altieri, Atmos Energy representative, said. “As part of normal operating procedures when Atmos Energy is called to the scene of an incident, we work closely with our first responders to make the area safe and then conduct leak surveys in the area to identify if gas was involved. At this point it is too soon to tell what caused this incident.”

“There was a young man who maybe had down syndrome who was already on the curb sitting down, bleeding from his foot, badly burned. I just knelt down. I prayed for him and talked to him. He was worried about his sister. She was badly burned. They had us move him. So me and two other ladies and the state troopers helped move the guy,” Texas house explosion witness Carrie Thompson told Fox News 4.

The sounds of the Texas home explosion could be heard for up to 10 miles away, according to Waxahachie residents.

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