Security Guard Doused In Gasoline At Wilkinsburg High School, Suspended Student Is In Custody

Essel Pratt

A security guard at Wilkinsburg High School, located in Pennsylvania, was doused with gasoline today when a suspended student returned to school to target him. The school has been evacuated until the gasoline and fumes can be removed.

According to WTAE, the student hid the gasoline in a soda bottle and poured it on the security guard before he could respond. The female student then attempted to light the gasoline with a grill lighter. However, she could not ignite the fuel before she was restrained by the guard.

Brandon Murray, the guard, was victim to the female student's antics on Friday when she doused him with milk, leading to her suspension. Murray was not hurt in either incident.

The female student attempted to enter the school with the gasoline, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. She could not get past security at the doors, so she doused Murray instead of her target. It is unknown what or who she intended to douse and catch fire.

Students were evacuated to a community center a block away until the situation could be investigated. Parents were notified of the incident nearly an hour after the incident occurred.

The gasoline smell wafted throughout the school, from the first to the third floor.

Acting superintendent Joseph Petrella would not comment on the matter, since it involved a student.

"I cannot comment on student matters."
"It's terrifying. This school is just a mess. I'm really over it."
"They got everyone out safe and into another building."

The situation is under investigation at this time, and the suspended student's name has not been released since she is a minor.

The security guard was sent home, after changing out of his uniform and into a pair of sweats, to recover from nearly being caught on fire.

[Photo Courtesy Wilkinsburg School District]