WWE News: WWE NXT Women’s Champion Bayley Headed To The Main Roster, 4 Horsewomen Faction In The Works?

WWE NXT Diva Bayley won the NXT Women’s Championship from Sasha Banks last month at WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn in an amazing match. WWE felt it was so good that they have decided to headline the October NXT Takeover event, titled “Respect,” with Banks getting her rematch for the NXT Women’s Title in an Ironwoman match. It is set to be 30 minutes long, and the winner will be the girl who gets the most falls, submissions, etc. by the end of the 30 minute mark.

The idea is that WWE feels Sasha and Bayley are worthy of this type of history-making match. They are incredible in-ring performers and deserve to be given the spotlight. The match will be fun, but Bayley and Sasha may not be seeing the last of each other. According to Cageside Seats, Bayley is working WWE Live shows in the U.K. in November with the main roster. Of course, NXT will hit this area in December on their own, so she will be seen across the pond quite a lot at the end of 2015.

She is going to be working the main roster shows in a prominent role, and is being marketed as the NXT Women’s Champion. The current plan that has been rumored is that Eva Marie or Dana Brooke will take the NXT Women’s Title off of Bayley by the end of the year, most likely at the big NXT Takeover show in the U.K. From there, Bayley may very well debut on the main roster. Usually, when a talent works a main roster show, especially a Diva, WWE is usually going to use them on the main roster shortly.

There is an idea that she could appear before that and simply do as Sasha Banks did and be on the main roster while also working NXT dates for a while.

NXT 4 Horsewomen

In other news, there have been some discussions regarding the NXT Four Horsewomen. The thought is that it would be smart to pair them up, potentially for WWE Survivor Series, but it is unknown if they will split the current Diva groups as of now. The plan has been for WWE Diva Paige to turn heel, eventually, and try to take the WWE Diva’s Championship from Charlotte out of jealousy.

That could very well happen at WWE Hell in a Cell next month, and result in the two battling it out. However, PCB would break up as a result of this. Meanwhile, it is thought by many experts that Team B.A.D. is only relevant right now due to Sasha Banks. It is felt among many that she would be better on her own than in a group.

The idea would be to sort of break up all of the current Diva groups, bring in Bayley, and have the NXT Four Horsewomen be the only faction in the Divas Division. Since fans want to see this, it would make sense to think that WWE would jump on the idea — at least for the Survivor Series element of the team vs team concept.

Not only would it allow WWE to have four women together that people want to see aligned, but it would also open up Paige and Naomi for matches with various people in the 4 HW faction. That doesn’t even include people they could bring in to help them, as well, which helps things a bit. While only rumored for now, it very well could happen. However, the only thing semi-confirmed as of this point is that Bayley will hit the main roster before the year is up.

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