Kim Zolciak Gets Botox Before ‘DWTS’ Performance: Will She Lose Again Tonight?

Kim Zolciak knows she has to step it up tonight on Dancing with the Stars if she wants to continue on the show. Zolciak’s performance last week was lackluster. Many viewers felt that she was merely walking around on stage and not really performing the way she should. Zolciak was upset with the scores, as she got 4 from all of the judges. That is a total of 12 points out of 30, which is the lowest score anyone has gotten from the show.

But Kim Zolciak blamed her performance on nerves and she was ready to step it up. Zolciak thanked her fans on her social media pages and asked them to vote if they wanted her to continue on Dancing with the Stars. But Zolciak knew that she had to practice and stayed in Los Angeles longer this week to learn the dances.

According to a new Instagram post, Kim Zolciak is now revealing that her priorities may not be in order. While many fans expected her to practice and get better, it sounds like beauty may be more important. Over the weekend, Kim revealed that she had gotten an appointment with a Beverly Hills doctor to get some Botox.

“Thank you Dr. Simon Ourian for coming in for me!! I needed Botox desperately lol and I needed to pick up some of his face products! I’m obsessed with his flawless serum, eye cream and moisturizer!! I truly appreciate you #CooLaser #SkinCare #GreatDoctor #MyScheduleIsCrazy,” Kim Zolciak revealed on Instagram, sharing a selfie with the doctor.

If she truly wanted to win, would Kim go out and get Botox before a performance? One can imagine that her dance partner, Tony Dovolani, doesn’t understand her priorities. Many of the other professionals are practicing with their celebrity dance partners over the weekend and doing everything to get to the next level. Maybe this competition isn’t as important to Kim as it is to other celebrities. And maybe last week’s performance has something to do with Zolciak’s priorities.

“Kim Zolciak embarrassed herself on national TV last night on Dancing With The Stars, pulling in the lowest score anyone has had in years,” a writer from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote on the AJC website, adding, “In fact, she tied for the second lowest score ever for an opening dance in 21 seasons of the show.”

What do you think of Kim Zolciak getting Botox before her dance rehearsal? Do you think she truly wants to win Dancing with the Stars?

[Image via Instagram]