Outback Workers Write Something On Cops’ Receipt, Never Wanted The World To Know About [Photo]

Two Outback Steakhouse workers in Slidell, Louisiana, are being praised for their recent act of kindness. But, surprisingly they’ve shared a different reaction to the overwhelming response. According to Fox 8 Live, four police officers with the Slidell Police Department stopped by Outback for dinner after their shift on September 9. When the officers entered the restaurant, they immediately caught the attention of the manager, Arline Wood, who is an 18-year employee at the restaurant, and her server, Zoë Rao.

“They’re the sweetest guys, I enjoy waiting on them,” Rao said. “They care about the community, they care about everybody, they’re just great guys, our whole police force is great and these guys at night, I went to Zoe and I said, let’s take care of it,” Wood said.

Since the Outback workers had seen the group of officers numerous times and appreciate the hard work required of law enforcement agencies, they mutually agreed to do something nice for them. When they received their $67.00 tab, it also came with a heartwarming surprise. Wood and Rao had decided to split the bill to show their appreciation. Instead of a bill, they received a receipt with a zero balance and a short note.

“Be safe!” the top of the receipt read. “Thank y’all for y’all’s service! Enjoy y’all’s meal on us!” they concluded.

The officers appreciated the kind gesture so much, they opted to show their gratitude by sharing the Outback workers’ good deed with the world. In addition to leaving a substantial tip for the two women, the Slidell Police Department posted an image of the receipt via Facebook and thanked Wood and Rao for their kindness, according to American Freedom Fighters.


With the help of social media, the post quickly went viral, and it didn’t take long for news outlets to begin reporting their touching act of kindness. When asked the Outback workers about their reaction to the good deed, they offered a relatively different response from most. They actually “don’t like the publicity” they’ve received for what they’ve done, reports Mad World News.

“I got a phone call early in the morning and I was like what are you talking about?” Wood recalled. “People were calling me and then we saw it on Facebook, then it’s on this one and that one, and we didn’t do it for this publicity, because Lord knows I don’t like all this publicity.”

But, nevertheless thousands of social media users have praised the Outback workers for their level of consideration for the officers.

[Image via Slidell Police Department; Facebook]