Future And Drake ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ Mixtape Is Here And Here’s The Tracklist — Album Link Inside

The time is upon us. What a Time to Be Alive is here. Drake and Future have built this momentum, and now it’s time to bask. Drizzy even posted the tracklist.

If you’ve seen the last few days concerning Future and Drake, you know everyone was awaiting for Put It All In A Plastic Bag, right? It was also supposed to drop on Friday, September 18, 2015, at 11 p.m., eastern standard time. However, that was never confirmed by either Drizzy or Future, nor that the mixtape was real. Yet, as reported by the Inquisitr, they didn’t bother to warn the fans that it was a fake either.

Nevertheless, since there was a project in the works, maybe they just thought to ride the wave. At Drake’s Midtown performance Friday night, he announced that something big was coming on Sunday. Well, Sunday’s here, and Drizzy isn’t leaving the people hanging.


He and Future confirmed the mixtape via their Instagram pages. However, Drake took it a step further, just moments before the mixtape’s release, which was 8 p.m. EST — 5 p.m. PST. He added the tracklist to the Gram. The What a Time to Be Alive tracklist is given as follows:

1. Digital Dash
2. Big Rings
3. Live from the Gutter
4. Diamonds Dancing
5. Scholarships
6. Plastic Bag
7. I’m the Plug
8. Change Locations
9. Jumpman
10. Jersey
11. 30 For 30 Freestyle

Production credits include those from Metro Boomin, Southside, Boi-1Da, Allen Ritter, Frank Dukes, Neenyo, Noel and Noah “40” Shebib. Executive producer is Metro Boomin.


Maybe he didn’t want the fans thinking he was trolling. This is definitely what was said after the “let down” on Friday. One thing is for sure, the internet is getting ready to break. And Drake and Future probably know it. Twitter is already hyping up in anticipation, built from Friday.

According to Rolling Stone, Drake only went to Atlanta to do a song or two with Future. However, it ended up turning into a full-blown project. Yet, he holds it as a project for the people who need something from them immediately.

“I went to Atlanta for six days a couple weeks ago with the hopes of doing some songs with Future, and when you get around Future, it’s like a vortex, that guy can outwork anybody right now. It’s tough to see someone do four, five songs in one night and not try to match it.”

Even though there’s a lot of beef between Young Money and Cash Money, the mixtape is being released under Birdman’s label and Epic Records, as reports Complex.

What do you think about Future and Drake’s What a Time to Be Alive? Does it hold up to the hype? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Photo Credits: Instagram]