WWE Rumors: More On A Former Champion Possibly Returning To WWE

When rumors start swirling that a big-time name could be heading back to WWE, it starts a lot of talk and discussion. Just this past week, it was rumored that Carlito could end up heading back to WWE after a long absence from the company, since being released in 2010. Just a few days have gone by, and that speculation has now picked up a lot of speed and backing.

The original talk of Carlito returning to WWE came from former WWE writer Court Bauer and Lucha Underground star Konnan, per WrestleZone. On a recent edition of MLW Radio, host Bauer said that Carlito’s return is possible, and makes a lot of sense.

Ever since the losses of Rey Mysterio and Alberto del Rio, WWE is truly lacking in having a top Hispanic talent in the company. For their tours of Mexico, they still draw big crowds, but don’t have that Hispanic star to stand out and really bring in the fans.

There are also no Hispanic talents currently training at the WWE Performance Center, either.

Wrestling Inc. made notice that Carlito was released back in 2010 after he violated the WWE Wellness Policy and he refused to go to rehab. The last time he was seen on WWE television was in 2014 for the Hall of Fame ceremony, where his father, Carlos Colon, was justifiably inducted.

Speaking of his father, Carlito is currently working for his father’s WWC promotion in Puerto Rico, but also works the independent circuit a good bit.

During his time in WWE, Carlito held a number of titles, including the Intercontinental Championship, United States Title, and a couple different tag team championships. He had some really memorable feuds, especially one with John Cena that lasted for quite some time.

Rumors have also been going around that if Carlito does return to WWE, he could be partnered with Los Matadores, who may be repackaged. They recently had a heel turn and have been off television for a couple of weeks.

Los Matadores consists of Carlito’s brother and their cousin, so it makes sense to pair them all into one stable.

If Carlito does end up returning to WWE, it would be a huge spark to the mid-card and provide a host of new match-ups with Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, and others. His return would also give WWE a big Hispanic star that would be great for their tours of Mexico and elsewhere.

[Image via WWE]