Plane Parts Fell Into Backyard From The Sky Near Detroit Metro Airport, Couple Wants Answers [Video]

A Huron Township couple who live exactly 5.2 miles from Detroit Metro Airport say they were shocked when they went outside just after Labor Day weekend and found what they believed was airplane parts that fell from the sky right in their backyard.

“This we found here over by a tree,” a neighbor explained to a Click On Detroit reporter. Investigative reports declared that what neighbors Leslie Barns and Ann Miller say are pieces of an airplane really appear to be pieces of an airplane that fell from the sky. The neighbors say they usually sit outside by a campfire, and that the pieces could have killed them. Together, the separate pieces appear to fit together and form what the reporter says looks like parts from an airplane’s engine cover.

The Millers recently called reporters after getting no response from officials, they say. Click On Detroit investigated the parts alleged to be parts from an airplane and discovered the parts had serial numbers on them. Those serial numbers belonged to, sure enough, parts from the aircraft company Short Brothers. Short Brothers reportedly makes small transport aircrafts. These are sometimes used by delivery companies. Reporters sent the video footage of the presumed airplane parts to the FAA, and the FAA representative said it’s “impossible to tell.”

Though one might think that the FAA would be at the Millers’ doorstep in no time, Elizabeth Isham Cory of the FAA said the couple should just call the police.

“If law enforcement thinks it might be a plane, they will contact FAA, and an investigator can review the item(s).”

It’s always unsettling hearing stories of anything unusual falling from the sky unexpectedly. Just months ago, a Pennsylvania family was celebrating a Sweet 16 party with a few dozen of their loved ones when it started raining feces from an airplane in the sky, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

“Out of nowhere, from the sky, comes a bunch of feces, lands on her,” Cambray told Fox News.

Imagine you were outside to witness what witnesses said fell from a plane that was headed for John F. Kennedy airport in Queens. Nassau County police say that witnesses reported that a human body was found in Island Park after the person fell from an airplane. Island Park is in the flight path of many of the airplanes. A previous incident involving a body falling from a plane in Long Beach led police to surmise that the person had been hiding in the landing gear compartment and fell out of the airplane when the wheels were deployed.

[Photo via Pixabay]