Kim Hyun Joong's Court Case: Ex Refuses K-Pop Star's Request For Paternity Test

Representatives of K-Pop artist Kim Hyun Joong says his ex-girlfriend has refused to take a paternity test.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kim Hyun Joong has been in the midst of a heated lawsuit with his ex, identified only as "Ms. Choi," for more than a year.

The lawsuit began with allegations that the famous Korean celebrity had physically abused Choi. Then came accusations that a baby Choi was carrying was that of Kims, although Kim's team said Choi was lying and was using the "pregnancy" to scam money from him.

According to, Kim Hyun Joong's representatives held a press conference on September 17, after it was revealed that Ms. Choi had already given birth to the baby allegedly fathered by the celebrity. Kim's representatives reportedly told the press that he would take full responsibilities should paternity tests reveal he is, indeed, the father of the child.

In a letter written by Kim Hyun Joong, the artist revealed that he was told about Choi's due date (September 12), but only to found out later through news reports that the baby was delivered early on September 10 in Seoul, according to the Korea Herald.

Reps for Kim, who is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service as a border control officer, said he is preparing to take the paternity test.

He claims that other than the gender of the child, Ms. Choi has not provided any other information about the newborn child.

A lawyer responsible for Kim Hyun Joong's defense in the lawsuit said he will take responsibility once paternity is confirmed.

"It is natural to verify the paternity [of the baby]. Only after verification can the father take responsibility of the baby."
When asked by the media why they had denied the request of a DNA test, a lawyer for Ms. Choi said they were taken aback by Kim's press conference.
"We are regretful towards the sudden press conference [held by Kim Hyun Joong], this is a violation of my client and her newborn's human rights. We offered that all three of them, Kim Hyun Joong, our client, and the child, take the DNA tests together, however, Kim Hyun Joong's side has declined."
The real-life Korean drama continues in the lives of Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi. What are your thoughts on the issue?

[Image via the Korea Herald]