Kim Hyun Joong Court Case: Ex-Girlfriend Has Her Baby But Reports For Paternity Tests Differ

Jan Omega

For more than a year, Kim Hyun Joong has been in the midst of an intense court case with his ex-girlfriend, identified only as "Choi." Beginning last year with allegations that the famous Korean celebrity domestically abused Choi, the legal situation has evolved into a behemoth, with an accusation of pregnancy. Hyun Joong's legal team, however, believes Choi is lying, and is prolonging the lawsuit to scam money from him, given the fact Choi provided no evidence of a pregnancy at the time. And when Choi did -- such as her supposed text messages between Hyun Joong and herself about the baby -- it wasn't foolproof.

Now, the court case has taken another twist, as Choi is pregnant with her second child, of whom she claims Kim Hyun Joong is the father. Just recently, she gave birth to her child, but now there is another situation: a set of paternity tests proving Hyun Joong as the father (or not) differ in results.

According to the Korean Herald, Choi gave birth to her baby. Thanks to Korean news outlet Chosun Ilba, missing information from the initial announcing report was filled in. The birth took place on September 10, 2015, in a hospital in Seoul, two days before Choi's due date. Choi's legal team even released the following statement about the occasion.

"Currently mother and baby are healthy and receiving postnatal care."

This is where it gets weird, because it seems reports differ on the paternity test situation, as reported by KdramaStars. In one report, Choi plans to bring a paternity suit against Hyun Joong. However, in other news outlets, they report Hyun Joong's legal team requested a paternity test, but Choi refused. Hyun Joong's father was the first to make a statement on Choi's refusal of that test to Asia E.

"I can't believe she doesn't want to do a paternity test. She should've asked us for it."
"If Choi wishes to receive child support, she knows that she has to provide the result of a paternity test."

[Image via Kim Hyun Joong / Facebook]