Faux Madonna and Lady Gaga Feud Reignited

Madonna and Lady Gaga certainly don’t seem to hold a grudge against each other and that was made obvious when Madonna posted a picture of herself hanging out with Lady Gaga last May. Regardless, fans and the media have been keeping up rumors of some type of feud, even if it’s imaginary.

The supposed cause of conflict this time around is that Madonna performed the song “La Vie En Rose” on her Rebel Heart Tour, which Lady Gaga recently performed on her Cheek to Cheek Tour with Tony Bennett. Both singers received a lot of praise for their performances. Madonna’s performance may have been more significant, only because people normally don’t expect her to rise to the vocal levels that she did. The Montreal Gazette said Madonna’s performance was one of the highlights of her current show.

“La Vie en rose was another big small moment, prefaced by a speech about believing in love despite being ‘devastated, smashed to bits’ that may become rote in a few weeks but sounded fresh on Wednesday.”

The newspaper said the performance was stronger for being vulnerable and received a standing ovation from the French crowd. Fans took to Twitter to praise how beautifully Madonna performed this song.

Several other tweets pitted Madonna against her alleged rival, Lady Gaga. Billboard bought into the alleged feud and produced what many consider a clickbait article asking whose version was better.

“Obviously, Madonna didn’t learn about the song from Gaga — it’s one of the most famous tunes from the first half of the 20th century. But it’s a strange coincidence that both pop queens are covering the 70-year-old song on tours in 2015.”

As expected, fans rushed to the comments section to fight with each other, condemn each other, and – most importantly (for Billboard) — produce thousands of page hits. The comments were typical of the Madonna/Lady Gaga fan war.

“Madonna is always the best. gaga is just an american singer, she did nothing but copy. where is gaga now? flop and flop. madonna is the queen forever,” said commenter Moon Lu.

“To be a good artist you must be honest first and Lady Gaga is more than honest, no only is super talented but also is sincere, brave, kindness, mature and smart and never talk bad about anybody, unlike the Queen of jealousy bulls and demons,” wrote Vincent Farace.

In the end, Lady Gaga won Billboard’s poll by a small percentage. It appears that the Lady Gaga/Madonna comparisons will never end. However, fans of both singers agree with the fact that both stars are great talents who have inspired millions.

[Photos by Josiah Kamau (BuzzFoto) and Kevin Mazur / Getty Images]