Bobby, K-Pop Idol Of iKON, Achieves His Dream Of Getting His Parents A Home In Korea

For many people, when asked what they want if they become successful in any entertainment industry, quite a few will default to more selfish preferences. However, there are a few who are generous with all that fame and fortune can bring. Bobby of K-pop group iKON achieved his dream of helping his parents by getting them a house in Korea.

To place everything in perspective, it should be noted that Kim Jiwon, who is better known as Bobby, is not a native Korean. He was born in the United States and had to leave his parents fairly early in life to train under YG Entertainment about five to six years ago, as translated from Korean news site Nate. During his audition, Bobby told YG Entertainment producer Yang Hyun Suk and other judges that his dream was to "bring his parents to Korea and help them live a happy life."

Eventually, more people would come to know about Bobby's dream, as he would usually talk about his parents on shows like Show Me the Money and Mix & Match. Quite often, Bobby would be in tears, too. One time on Show Me the Money, he couldn't hold back the tears after revealing he hadn't seen his mother in over four years. Fortunately, Yang Hyun Suk allowed Bobby to keep all of the prize money from Show Me the Money 3, as reported by Soompi. That, along with his work with YG Entertainment, Bobby was able to finally purchase a home in Korea for his parents and to bring them to the country.

In the end, all the years of hard work and training seem to have been worth it for Bobby. He is a part of one of the most talked-about, new K-Pop groups in Korea today, iKON. Their latest single, "My Type," has been topping various music charts since its release. Perhaps the best part of all the success is that Bobby can now share it with his parents.

[Image via YG Entertainment]