‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Who Won Final HOH Part Two?

Big Brother 17 spoilers indicate who won part two of the final HOH competition. The Big Brother 17 spoilers come from late Friday, September 18, as the challenge has finally come to an end. A report from fan site Big Brother Network states that it, “was a harder version of the spider-web comp where they have to connect HGs and events” that took place in the BB17 house.

Steve Moses won with a time of 28 minutes, with Liz Nolan taking 31 minutes to finish her side. There was talk on the live feeds from both houseguests that this was one of the toughest competitions of the season. It sounds like the producers wait for the perfect time to use it, especially with how close the final times ended up being.

This means that Steve will now face Vanessa Rousso in part three of the final HOH competition. That won’t take place until Wednesday, September 23, as part of the season finale. It will also take place live for east coast viewers, with a lot of drama predicted for the final episode of 2015.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have been Big Brother 17 spoilers stating that a final two alliance is already in place. Another report from Big Brother Network states that reveals that in addition to the deal that Vanessa made with Liz, Vanessa also set up a final two deal with Steve. This could cause a lot of drama in the BB17 house, because Steve wants to tell Liz right away that she won’t be selected to go to the final two.

Vanessa will have to work hard to keep Steve from telling her secret to Liz. She is not just worried about what might take place in the next few days, but also that Liz might no longer vote for her if she goes to the jury next. If Steve finds out what Vanessa has done, he might also decide to take Liz to the final two instead.

The stage is set for a good battle during the season finale of the show. The BB17 house might be quiet for the next few days, but there is also the potential for some drama if Steve Moses can’t keep this secret to himself. No matter what happens over the weekend, Steve and Vanessa Rousso will battle to decide who becomes the final Head of Household of the summer. There is a chance that more Big Brother 17 spoilers could be revealed over the next few days, so stay tuned fans.

[Image Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]