Xbox 360 Owners Get A Boost From The Latest Update

Xbox 360 owners got a boost from Microsoft with the latest system's update. It is one that will aide Xbox 360 owners who are on the fence about upgrading to the Xbox One. Microsoft does not want Xbox 360 players to completely abandon their gaming consoles, but the company wants to make the jump to the current system easier. The latest update allows just that.

News about backwards compatibility has been available for a little bit. In allowing Xbox 360 users to play their old favorites on the Xbox One, it opened the door for people to take the next step up in consoles. Microsoft balked at the idea of backwards compatibility originally. It was believed that no one would purchase the newly released versions of several Xbox 360 games updated to suit the Xbox One. Video game developers started creating next-gen only games. It left Xbox 360 owners hanging. Some of them made the jump to newer systems, while others stayed behind, sticking with the console they grew to love over a decade ago.

There are now some good reasons to hold on to the Xbox 360 for a little bit longer. That is thanks to the latest system update by Microsoft.

Engadget is reporting that the cloud storage for backwards compatibility will be 2GB. That does not sound like a ton of space, because it is not. If you purchased a game via Microsoft's on-demand type of service, good luck being able to save your games. Typically, the size of the games which comes from the on-demand library are north of 5GB. As an example, the free game of the week for Xbox 360 owners is Crysis 3. The tactical shooter is almost 5GB on the dot.

Skyrim, Dead Island 2, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 are some of the few games that are under the 5GB threshold. Other games, like Rockstar's detective game L.A. Noir, take up more than 10GB. You will not be able to save those games for backwards compatibility at this time. If you purchased a physical copy of a game, then you are in business.

The Xbox 360 is modified so that physical game disks do not take up nearly as much space as the on-demand downloads. The recently released Madden 16 on the Xbox 360 would only take up 30MB of space. Nearly half of that is the title update which takes up a mere 12MB.

One cannot save a full game obviously, but once backwards compatibility becomes available you will be able to pick up where you left off on the Xbox One.

We were introduced to cloud storage some time ago. When it debuted, Xbox 360 owners were only given 512MB. That was good enough to save a profile or two, but not enough to save your games to be played at a later time, in a different location. With the system update which recently took place, the cloud storage space has quadrupled. Again, 2GB is not a lot, but you can make it work for you depending on your preference for owning games and moving storage.

As for additional changes, the Verge reports that you are able to take your Xbox 360 on the road. The new update is said to have the allowance to connect to internet for Xbox Live while you are away in hotels, among other places. There is also the implementation of Windows 10, where Xbox 360 users will get to see what their friends are up to.

It is a good time to still be an Xbox 360 owner.

(Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images News)