‘Until Dawn’: Can You Survive?

Fans of screaming at the TV during a horror film: your video game is here, and it is called Until Dawn.

Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive that was set to release in 2013 but, due to delays, wasn’t released worldwide until August 25 of this year. It has been classified as an interactive drama survival horror game, and has received very positive reviews so far. Until Dawn is the brainchild of British studio Supermassive games, published by Sony, and includes a few members as voice cast that you may recognize. For instance, Hayden Panettiere (of Heroes and Nashville fame) stars as Samantha, who is considered the most likable character in the game, and has all the makings of the “last girl.”

Since the game is named Until Dawn, it’s safe to assume that the premise is to survive that long. The plot seems as familiar as some horror movies you may have seen, even if you are just an occasional viewer. Ten teenage friends are spending a weekend at three of the characters’ family’s cabin in Canada, when a prank is played and one girl, Hannah, runs outside, humiliated. Her twin sister Beth follows, worried about her sister’s safety. Obviously, the pair never returns. Exactly one year later, Josh, the twins’ older brother, invites everyone back to the cabin to seek closure and “party like porn stars.”

Until Dawn: Can You Survive?

If you miss the Choose Your Own Adventure books of yore, then, providing you enjoy a good jump scare or two and some gory deaths, you may enjoy Until Dawn. The gameplay is more reminiscent of the books than it is of other horror games: think Beyond: Two Souls meets Silent Hill. Unlike the books, however, there is the inclusion of the butterfly effect. If you’re unfamiliar with that, here’s a quick lesson from MoviePilot:

Until Dawn relies heavily on the concept of the butterfly effect, a theory that suggests that a change or decision at the time can largely affect the outcome of a specific linear path in the future.”

Basically, you control the characters, in a random rotation, controlling their movements and minds. The decisions you make, no matter how innocent they seem, may cause repercussions immediately — or even hours later. The decisions you make also affect the relationships that said character has with the others.

Until Dawn: Can You Survive?

Graphics-wise, Until Dawn is beautiful. The setting, which is dark and wintery with the requisite eerie noises, is extremely detailed. It has its flaws, such as the fact that the characters seem to be preoccupied with hooking up.

In a nutshell, Until Dawn is a must if you are a horror buff. The game averages 10 hours long, but obviously deserves to be played multiple times to see what experience you’ll have next time. Remember, Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive, so if you have the newest Sony console and love choosing your own adventure, be sure to grab this up-and-coming hit.

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