Prominent Indiana Surgeon Accused Of Plotting Murder Of Ex-Wife, Claims It Was Just A ‘Fantasy’

A prominent surgeon from Indianapolis, Indiana, was accused of plotting the attempted murder of his ex-wife while their children slept in another room. His girlfriend, with whom he revealed the plan, secretly recorded the conversation and shared it with the authorities.

Dr. Gregory Konrath, a prominent orthopedic surgeon in Indianapolis, Indiana, was on vacation with his girlfriend, Joannah, in Puerto Rico, according to ABC News. The couple met online, and their relationship grew quickly as the pair bonded. Joannah was falling in love with Konrath and bought a wedding dress in preparation to their eventual marriage. She was confident that they had the perfect relationship.

“He was looking for the same things, looking for a serious relationship.We seemed to have similar things in common.”

Konrath may have had the same feelings for Joanna, with a willingness to share his deepest and darkest secrets with her. While on vacation in Puerto Rico, he decided to confide in her how he would kill his ex-wife. Joannah, concerned over his ex-wife’s safety and her own, proceeded to record the conversation so she could share it with the authorities.

KMBZ shared snippets of the conversation, which led to the apprehension and arrest of Konrath. The entire conversation lasted over 23 minutes in length after the couple had a few drinks. Konrath described is options for carrying out the murder.

“One choice is to do it in the bedroom… if for some reason the kids woke up, there’s lots of ways to get out. take an unmarked gun that has no prints with bullets already planted in her house, which they are… because she shoots herself in the head, she kills herself.”

Konrath claimed that he already attempted the murder twice but was stopped before carrying it out, due to unforeseen circumstances. His motive seemed to be monetary in substance.

“If I’m not on-call, I [can’t] bring my cell phone because that’s traceable. suspicion would fall immediately on me, the ex-husband… she has a million-dollar life insurance policy. I’m the beneficiary.”

Konrath claims he was not serious about killing his ex-wife, instead claiming that it was nothing more than a drunken fantasy, as he was interviewed behind bars.

“It’s vacation, so I was drinking a fair amount. Then I just told her about this kind of, I guess, dark fantasy that I had about killing Ana. It’s an ugly recording. I am embarrassed that I did it.”

Konrath is currently serving 10 years behind bars for an unrelated crime. It is unknown whether he will serve time for the attempted murder plot, or if it will be dismissed as simply a fantasy.

[Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News]