Kylie Jenner Warned Jaden Smith About Sarah Snyder, But ‘So Happy’ For Jaden Now

Kylie Jenner wasn’t too sure about BFF Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder being a couple at first. When Jaden, 17, and Sarah, 20, were first getting hot and heavy, Jenner took time to warn Smith about “bringing his girlfriend….who was arrested for allegedly stealing a Hermes bag, around.” Things didn’t look good for the long-standing friendship between Kylie and Jaden.

“Kylie warned Jaden to be careful.”

Kylie wasn’t being overprotective. She had “good reason to worry.” Back in June, Sarah was arrested and accused of stealing an expensive Hermes bag. The bag, worth almost $16,000, may not have been Snyder’s first run in with the law. According to Hollywood Life, someone of the same name (and birth date!) was arrested in 2013 for breaking and entering.

Sarah and Jaden haven’t let the bad press stop them. Jaden “seems totally smitten” with Sarah and probably “doesn’t care what anyone thinks.” The two definitely “laid on the PDA” and “flaunted their love” while they were watching Jenner at Kanye West’s Adidas fashion show during NYFW.

That may be part of the reason Kylie decided to support best friend Jaden in his new romance. He’s not giving up anyway! Besides, someone close to Kylie and Jaden told Hollywood Life that Kylie is “so happy” in her own relationship with Tyga that she wants to share the love. That doesn’t mean the youngest Jenner sister would put up with anyone hurting Jaden.

“Kylie’s… not about getting in his business and telling him what to do. Kylie’s so happy with Tyga — she wants all her friends to be happy and in love the way she is. And if Jaden says he’s happy with this girl, then that’s all that matters to her. But if [Sarah] hurts Jaden, it’ll be another story. Right now, Jaden’s happy, so Kylie’s happy for him. He has her stamp of approval.”

Kylie’s approval of the relationship is especially important to Jaden since he had a run-in with Kylie over her “May/December” romance with Tyga. Last July, a source told Hollywood Life, “Jaden hopes she knows what she’s doing with Tyga…he just hopes she isn’t getting in over her head in this relationship.” He was “super worried” about his BFF, he could see that Kylie wasn’t “hearing it,” and the two worked out their differences. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and Kylie isn’t going to get “in his business” any more than Jaden got in hers.

What do you think? Should Kylie be more protective of Jaden or should she leave him to make his own decisions about Sarah Snyder?

[Image via Mireya Acierto / Stringer / Getty]