Corey Simms Was Amused By Last Night’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ As Leah Messer Faces Drug Use Backlash

Corey Simms shared an odd message with fans on Twitter on September 17. As the new episode of Teen Mom 2 aired on MTV, the ex-husband of Leah Messer shared the following tweet with fans.


— Corey Simms (@CoreySimms2) September 18, 2015

Although Corey Simms’ tweet could have been in reference to something other than the show, the timing certainly hinted his message was regarding the episode.

During last night’s Teen Mom 2, Corey Simms was seen meeting with Jeremy Calvert, Messer’s second ex-husband, to discuss her alleged drug addiction, which she continues to deny. While chatting, Corey Simms and Calvert looked back on their past marriages to Messer and revealed their thoughts on Messer’s issues. According to Calvert, he believed she was dealing with a “prescription pill problem,” and according to Corey Simms, he agreed and was sick of everyone’s secrecy about the issue.

Meanwhile, Corey Simms’ first wife, Messer, asked fans of Facebook what they thought of the latest episode, and what she got was tons of backlash over her alleged addiction to prescription pain pills. After asking fans for feedback, Messer was faced with a number of harsh comments, including those listed below.

“I think it’s more than obvious that there’s a dependency to a substance. I’m not sure if it’s prescribed or not, but Leah definitely looks over medicated.”

“I’m so tired of hearing her and her mom talk about her ‘intensive therapy.’ For those who have struggled with addiction it is clear as day what’s going on and quite frankly it is an insult. The message Leah is sending is getting help for an addiction is shameful and something to be kept secret.”

“You will not get any better until you admit to yourself that you have a problem! You have to be honest to yourself and your family! Who cares what anyone thinks.”

During an earlier episode of Teen Mom 2, Corey Simms and his second wife sat down with Messer prior to her entering treatment to discuss the ongoing care of their 5-year-old twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. However, their conversation quickly became heated after Corey Simms told Messer he believed she had a “drug problem.”

Corey Simms’ ex-wife traveled to Arizona for treatment in May and remained there until June. Since returning, she has maintained her claims of having issues with depression and anxiety — but not drugs.

For more Corey Simms, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 6 on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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