Rats Tied To Beer Bottles For Mortal Drinking Game In Sick Display Of Animal Cruelty

A strange and anonymous video emerged on the Internet on Friday that appears to show two rats tied to beer bottles, evidently forced participants in a drinking game that required them to fight to the death.

Warning: This video may be disturbing to some readers.

The Daily Mirror first posted the video and without a lot of information about its origin. The video was reportedly filmed in a restaurant in China.

The footage, which is about a minute-and-a-half long, opens on a scene of casual cruelty and is may be difficult for many to watch. Two beers seem to have been served to the patrons of the unidentified restaurant with the rats already tied to the bottles.

Their little arms and legs are splayed in a spread-eagle position, tied by a thin wire to the bottle while someone taps their heads with a chopstick. A crowd gathers, evidently amused by the torture. The rats appear to look into the camera and at each other, and are for the most part quite placid.

In the next frame, the rats are forced to face each other, as they are continually beaten with the chopstick, perhaps to goad them into fighting. For a while, the rats do not respond as they are tied to the bottle. When the second rat is beaten, it attempts to fight back and tries to catch the weapon in its teeth before attempting to gnaw through its restraints. The torturing ringleader continues, narrated by giggles from the crowd.

It’s not clear how long the interaction lasts; the video seems to have been edited and flashes between brief scenes of the rats’ torment.

If the rats did end up fighting each other, the violent end wasn’t included in the video.

According to Weird News Asia, the only other news site with information about the video, the point of tying the rats to beer bottles is to incite a mortal fight. Each patron is assigned a bottle, and thus, a fighter in this sick drinking game. The patron whose rat dies first has to pay for the meal.


There is some suggestion that restaurants allow this game, but not necessarily the unnamed restaurant featured in the video, to free their establishment of the pests.

Last year, the Internet was awash in footage of young men engaging in another cruel drinking game involving animals, this time using fish. In the videos, which angered animal activists, people were seen drinking from a glass of alcohol with a live fish swimming inside.

[Photo by Gallinago_media/Getty Images]