Kate Middleton: Cast Of ‘Downton’ Recaps Visit That Kate ‘Overstayed’ At, Premieres To Lowest Viewers Yet

When Kate Middleton visited the cast and crew of the hit British show Downton Abbey earlier this year, she was sure to gain the undivided attention of the individuals she is a true fan of. The Duchess was radiant in her cream-color dress with flowing hair to complement. The Downton cast finally unveiled a snippet of what’s to come in the upcoming season, and it is sure to have Middleton tuning in regularly.

E! reminds of the kind words the creator of Kate’s favorite show had to share about the beautiful royal. Julian Fellowes described how the Duchess’ visit was like a “seal of approval” in regards to the show’s likeability and added her own take on Kate.

“The Duchess is very charming and she follows the show so she was able to talk properly with all the cast and the crew. It was a great thrill and treat. We were very honored.”

Fellowes also relayed how secretive the crew and cast are about the upcoming plot for the new season, and that the Duchess received no insider information, royalty or not.

“Even she didn’t get any spoilers!”

The final season of the hit series premiered last night in the U.K., while North American viewers will be able to tune in by January.

Laura Carmichael, who plays Edith on the show, chatted yesterday about the nerves she initially felt when she was preparing to meet Kate Middleton.

“We weren’t sure what to expect really. We all got quite shy and she was sort of leading the conversation. It was lovely. She’s so normal. I know everyone says that but she really does try to make everyone feel at ease. We all lost our minds. We started talking to her about the catering—I’m sure things she found really boring but we all sort of lost it because we were panicked and star struck. It was one of those weird ones.”

Jim Carter, who plays Carson on Downton, also shared recently about his March interactions with Kate while reminiscing about the upcoming season.

“[Kate Middleton is] a big fan of the show. I don’t think she’d been on a film set before or a TV set so she was intrigued by how different it looked on the screen and in reality. She overstayed. She stayed long. She was having such a good time.”

Surely fans can expect another packed season of plot twists and turns that will keep the masses tuning in to bring the popular series to a close. However, the BBC notes that last night’s viewership was the lowest out of the premiere episodes for seasons that came before it. Has the Downton audience grown tired of the show?

[Photo by Mike Hewitt / Getty Images]