Florida Woman Arrested, Police Discover Home Filled With 3,500 Knives And Satanic Shrines

A Florida woman was arrested after police found her mobile home filled with 3,500 knives, satanic shrines, and fake body parts.

Brooksville police arrived at the home of Nickole Dykema, 47, on Tuesday night to arrest her for outstanding warrants. When they arrived, they found her staring at them through a broken window, screaming obscenities as police asked her to come outside.

According to Sky News, when one of the officers finally managed to enter the mobile home, Dykema attacked him with a machete, barely missing him.

“During this time, Dykema utilized a large sword or machete type weapon and attempted to stab Sergeant Chris Calderon, missing his face and head by only inches. These actions by Dykema put a well-founded fear in Sergeant Calderon that he would be killed or seriously injured.”

She then hid behind a blanket and waved a sword at police. As reported by ABC News, a Crisis Response Team was called and during negotiations with Dykema, she fled into another room. When police followed her, they were met by hundreds of dangling knives.

3500 knives

The room contained approximately 500 knives, and other rooms in the mobile home also contained just as many knives. According to the Daily Mail, police soon realized that they were surrounded by thousands of knives, fake body parts, and a satanic shrine surrounded by skulls and more knives.

Dykema armed herself for five hours with multiple knives and attacked police as they demanded she drop the knives and exit the mobile home. Officers eventually became concerned one of them would be injured by the knives and used a Taser to subdue her.

Dykema is being charged with several counts of probation violation, property damage/criminal mischief, resisting an officer without violence, and assault on an officer. Sheriff Al Nienhuis said Dykema was “obviously dangerous to the community” and that he was amazed that officers were able to take her into custody without anyone getting hurt by all the knives in the home.

3500 knives

Photos taken from the scene showed thousands of knives hanging in dark rooms with fake body parts and skeletons. Most of the fake body parts had knives stuck in them, and a pentagram was also shown on a wall with more knives sticking out of it. A satanic shrine was also shown, surrounded by more knives and skulls. According to police, over 3,500 knives were in the mobile home.

3500 knives

3500 knives

[Images via Hernando County Sheriff’s Office]