Watch Bride's Horror After Waiter Drops And Smashes Her Wedding Cake In A Prank Organized By The Groom [Video]

Watch newlywed Laura Cox's horrified reaction after a foul-tempered waiter drops her four-tier wedding cake because he was having an argument with another waiter.

But before the bride could confront the waiters and give them a piece of her mind, the situation unravels, and it turns out that it was a prank arranged by the groom, Joe Cox, with the help of professional actors.

The 26-year-old bride, a health care assistant from Linthorpe in Middleborough, England, could not believe her eyes when a waiter threw a temper tantrum while arguing with another waiter at her wedding party and sent her gorgeous four-tier wedding cake flying over his shoulder, smashing it on the floor.

She left her seat in a daze at the Crathorne Hall in North Yorkshire and rushed to confront the waiters. But it turned out, to the relief of the bride and wedding guests, that the incident was an elaborate prank organized by her husband, Joe, 27, with the help of an entertainment company.

The smashed cake was actually a replica with real icing on top.

The wedding party is in full-swing when the waiter enters the hall full of guests carrying the cake. The guests admire the cake as the waiter walks through the tables and out of shot. Then comes the sound of smashing plates, and the waiter carrying the cake appears again with an angry waiter chasing after him.

The angry waiter shoves the waiter carrying the cake, bellowing, "Hey, you!"

The waiter with the cake looks back, apparently loses his temper, and unbelievably, he sends the cake flying over his shoulder.

The gasps of horror from the guests are audible. The bride appears and looks horrified when she sees her ruined wedding cake on the floor. She then marches forward to confront the quarreling waiters.

She walks out of the view of the camera momentarily and then reappears. The groom walks up to her with a smile on his face that tells everyone it was all a prank.


The sigh of relief in the hall is nearly audible, and everyone bursts into laughter, cheering and clapping. The relieved bride smacks the groom on the side, and he hugs her.

According to the Daily Mail, the actors, Joshua and Gary from James Entertainments based in Durham, said, "We posed as waiters for the duration of the wedding breakfast, serving the guests. At the end of desserts we arranged to bring the cake through into the main room. As planned, just as we were about to place the cake on the table, we broke out into the fake argument and dropped it."

"Joe, the groom, asked us beforehand if we were crazy enough to follow through with an idea he had, and as you can see, we are."
The groom said he got a detailed drawing of the real cake from the cake-maker and hired someone to make a polystyrene replica with real icing on it.

"It was a great touch to the wedding," he said. "Laura didn't suspect a thing at all. Her face when she thought the waiter had dropped the cake was a picture. Everyone was in complete shock and thought it had been ruined. Then the waiters burst into song and I started laughing when Laura looked over at me. She then knew it was all a set-up."

Joe, who got engaged to Laura on Christmas Day 2013, explained that the replica cake cost him "£335, only £15 less than the real cake."

Recalling her feelings when she thought the bickering waiters had ruined her wedding cake, Laura said, "I saw red and was about to storm outside and give them a piece of my mind. But then they ran back inside singing and I turned and saw Joe who was laughing his head off. I realized I'd been well and truly pranked. It's just like Joe to think of something like that, he is a big joker around the house."

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