‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Ratings Plummet — Should AMC Be Worried About The ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off?

Although many thought AMC’s newest zombie inspired series, Fear the Walking Dead, was a sure-fire hit, ratings for the new show have dipped in recent weeks. Is this a sign that producers should be worried about the series? Or is something else going on?

The premiere of Fear the Walking Dead was certainly a hit in the ratings department, drawing in a record for the most watched premiere for a scripted series. However, according to Entertainment Weekly, things started to level out after the second episode, which saw a dip of around 19 percent in viewers from the premiere.

That lull in ratings would continue. In fact, the latest Sunday night episode featured another decline in viewers, managing to attract around 7.2 million people. This is a decrease of about 12 percent from Episode 2.

Although each episode is clearly seeing a decrease in viewers, there are several factors that are contributing to this decline. First, the numbers following the record breaking premiere are skewed due to the overly inflated numbers in the opening episode. This indicates that a drop was likely to happen as the initial numbers were just too high to sustain.

Secondly, the arrival of Sunday Night Football certainly didn’t help things out in the ratings department. In fact, Sunday Night Football took over the top spot as the highest rated show on Sunday night, followed by Fear the Walking Dead. For a reference point, Uproxx is reporting that Sunday Night Football brought in a staggering 26 million viewers.

Despite these lower statistics, it should be noted that the third episode of Fear the Walking Dead still managed to draw over 7 million viewers. This amount of viewers is still considered good, and does not account for DVR viewers.

That being said, the fact the ratings continue to drop, whatever the factors may be, is surely on the minds of producers as the series moves forward. Keeping in mind that some fans have expressed the idea that the show is moving with a lethargic pace, AMC might begin to worry about the new series, especially if this downward trend continues.

However, as the storyline begins to develop, a new menace on the show might help fans who are worried about the show’s pace. As this new danger continues to grow, the upcoming episodes are sure to include a little more action than the third installment, which probably featured a little too much Monopoly for most people.

Fear the Walking Dead continues its first season Sunday Nights on AMC.

[Image Courtesy: AMC]