Future And Drake Mixtape Alleged Release Date — Countdown Clock

Anticipation for the Future and Drake mixtape may be coming to its peak. Put It All in a Plastic Bag’s alleged release date has been uploaded, but by whom?

As one of the higher-grossing projected mixtapes of the year, Drake and Future — both masterminds in their own lanes — have decided to come together in an epic collaboration. While known for featuring on each other’s songs anyway, fans have been waiting for the two to work together — something like Kanye West and Jay-Z on 2011’s Watch the Throne.

Drake is known for the success of his mixtapes. Relevantly, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late did just go platinum, right? So, a category would seem irrelevant for these two artists. Supposedly, the question is when.

That has been shrouded in mystery. Yet, things could be a little more revealing now due to a newly-uploaded website. Named after the Future and Drake mixtape, the site includes nothing more than a countdown clock and two links to the artists’ separate, official websites.

However, there is concern over its legitimacy. According to Fader, the site — more specifically, the Drake and Future countdown clock — may be a fake. The celebrity news authority reports as follows.

“First, it’d be strange for Drake news to appear on a standalone site instead of on the long-running OVO blog. The countdown site also features old logos for both Drake and Future — the Drake logo used appears similar to Drake branding from 2009; the Future logo is one first used during Future’s promotion of 2014 album Honest.”

Allegedly, by the website’s clock, the highly-anticipated mixtape will release at 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, on Friday, September 18, 2015.


However, one could ask the legitimacy of the site altogether. Similarly, as the news source mentions, when has Drake announced any of his most recent works to the public? IYRTITL came as a total surprise. Likewise, his diss tracks toward Meek Mill were somewhat of a surprise as well. He went days without saying a word. Then, all of a sudden, “diss tracks galore.”

Moreover, there’s still increasing anxiety over Views from the 6. Drizzy hasn’t given anything concrete about its release date. Maybe he just likes to keep the buzz going and the public on its toes?

Matter of fact — speaking of “buzz” — Drizzy’s last diss track, “Back to Back,” made news yesterday. Drake’s alleged girlfriend, Serena Williams, premiered her in-season clothing collection during New York Fashion Week. For whatever reason, the DJ of the HSN event didn’t receive the edited version of the track. And during the runway showcase, several notable fashion names were subjected to Aubrey’s profanity and vulgar language.

Accordingly, Drizzy was unhappy and confronted the DJ after Serena was backstage, reports Page Six. The soundman told Drake that he played the tracklist he was given and that he wasn’t the one to blame. However, it seems that’s all “water under the bridge” now.

What do you think about the Future and Drake mixtape? Will it live up to the hype? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Instagram]