Couple Constructs Bed The Size Of An Apartment So That They Can Sleep With Pets [Photos]

Reddit user Robdogbird was having trouble cuddling in with his girlfriend and seven pets at the same time in a normal-sized bed, so he built himself a mega bed that could squeeze all of them together.

According to Metro, Robdogbird and his girlfriend, who live with five cats and two dogs in their apartment, were looking for ways to accommodate all their pets while sleeping for a long time. They were about to give up the idea when someone suggested a solution: a 75-square-foot mega bed. The couple got down to work and last week uploaded pictures of their new bed on Imgur, which have since taken the internet by storm. Being hailed as a genius couple by some users, and sensitive by others, Robdogbird’s bed pictures have garnered more than a million views in only four days.

Many Reddit users have hailed the couple for their ingenuity and resourcefulness, with some even saying that the bed is bigger than their apartments. Measuring a massive 11 feet by seven feet, the bed is big enough to accommodate a roomful of people, let alone a few cats and dogs.

A couple have found an unusual way to show their love for pets by building a massive bed.
Some users on Reddit have claimed the bed is larger than their apartments. (Picture: Imgur)

According to Robdogbird, the seven adorable pets have found the mega bed a wonderful surprise and have easily construed that it was built for them. The pets include a fluffy Pomeranian called Lexi and Prince Caspian, a glorious ginger cat.

Some of the pets owned by the couple
The pet gang (Picture: Metro)

Writing about the way his pets have taken to the idea, Robdogbird appeared ecstatic with his adventure.

“Because the animals love it so much we do have to wash four loads of bedding regularly… still, one of our schemes I am most satisfied with.”

Though the couple have restrained from divulging their identities for fear of an email upsurge on their personal accounts, they are believed to be an American couple. Several Reddit users have asked them to help them build bigger beds at their homes.

That day might not be far when we would all want Robdogbird to help us with some carpentering. After all, who wouldn’t want to sleep cozily in that king-size mega bed?

[Photo via Imgur]