Apple iPhone Tricks To Make The iOS 9 Upgrade Easier

In previous years, issues on the Apple iPhone have arisen from iOS updates. Many customers worried about the same thing with iOS 9, especially those updating an older device. The memories of the iOS 8 update and all those bugs stuck in the minds of many. The new operating system was released yesterday, and it certainly seems to have avoided many of the usual issues. However, there are some things customers can do to make sure their iPhone device is ready.

The first thing the Daily Star recommends is to spring clean the device. iOS 9 will take up about 1.5GB of space, which is considerably less than previous operating systems. Of course, it does mean that customers need that 1.5GB of space available. Before upgrade, move photos and videos into the cloud or onto computers to make sure there is space. This is especially important for those who opt for the 16GB devices.

It is possible to determine the amount of space available by checking the Usage under Settings > General. This will tell users just how much space is being taken up by specific elements, such as photos, videos, apps and music; the most common four.

Removing items will also give Apple iPhone users the chance to back up their devices. It is worth doing this for everything on the phone, as something could accidentally happen. Some users are already reporting issues, including not even being able to download the iOS 9 software. Having everything on the phone backed up will at least prevent issues if the whole phone has to be reset to update.

Making sure the Apple iPhone is compatible with the upgrade is essential. Those with the iPhone 4S up until the latest handset will find their phones are compatible. The older models may not gain as much benefit as the newer ones. Apple is assuming that those with older models will upgrade to newer handsets to make the most of their devices.

Allow some time for the update. CNET reports that it could take an hour for the operating system to completely download and install. It does not matter whether it is completed through the device or through iTunes. The phone cannot be turned off during the update, so also make sure your iPhone is plugged in so that it does not run out of power.

Making it easier to update to iOS 9 will mean things go smoother later on. Backing up files is essential, as is making sure there is enough space on a compatible Apple iPhone device.

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]