Katy Perry Debuts Her Strikingly Different New Body And Hair For Fashion Week

Same face, different body.

That’s the message Katy Perry sent with her delightfully wacky Instagram post yesterday morning.

The post’s image, which is a colorful, simple, and warm-feeling image reminiscent of New Orleans folk art, features a skeletal figure with a body that looks remarkably like Perry’s and which has curly auburn hair on its head. The figure in the painting is in the process of putting a mask of a face over its own face. And the face looks very similar to the face of, you guessed it, Perry herself.

“Get the paints out,” Katy writes in the caption.


The caption, which is punctuated with the hashtag #nyfw – which stands for New York Fashion Week – was a way of foreshadowing the drastically different new look Perry debuted that night at that evening’s Harper’s Bazaar event.

Katy wowed onlookers at the event by showing up with her usually straight-and-dark hair-do transformed into a dazzling head of curly auburn hair – just like the hair on the skeletal figure Perry had posted earlier.

That’s not all that fans love about the new Perry look; the singer is also sporting a sparkling emerald dress that’s cut in a way that allows Katy to show off her flawless legs.

Katy Perry new look
Katy Perry shows off her leggy new look at the 2015 Harper's BAZAAR ICONS Event at The Plaza Hotel on September 16, 2015 in New York City. (Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The dress’s green color, which was deliberately chosen to contrast the fiery red of Katy’s hair, combined with the sultry stares Perry wore on her face while pictures were taken, impress a mature and sophisticated aura that is in stark contrast to the air of youth and naiveté we usually see during the singer’s public appearances. Could this be the first look at a more evolved iteration of Katy Perry?

Her Instagram post also alludes to the way Katy herself feels about her new look. The image shows her face being slipped onto a new body, implying that Perry feels like she is often reduced to just a pretty face for the media to look at on different bodies. The “auburn-haired and sultry” body is just the current version Katy is choosing to wear with her face.

MTV News points out that the skeletal and slightly cryptic but still cheery Instagram post may seem like a weirdly artsy way for a pop star to announce a new look, but the move’s eccentricity is classic Katy. From her cross-dressing in multiple music videos to her joke announcement she’ll be running for president in 2020 and dating all the way back to her insanely campy breakthrough performances of “I Kissed a Girl,” Perry has always been a fan of interacting with the public in unexpected and often satirical ways.

What do you think about the new Katy Perry? Would you like it if she decided to adopt her new look on a more permanent basis, or do you prefer the younger-looking Perry? And will you be joining Katy for fashion week by devising your own new look? Leave your comments below.

[Image via Jamie McCarthy]