‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Who Won Final HOH Part 1?

Big Brother 17 spoilers from Wednesday, September 16, include who won Part 1 of the final HOH. The final HOH competition began several hours after the latest eviction episode was shown on CBS. It took place on the live feeds so that subscribers could watch it play out, and the challenge involved the houseguests sitting on a large candy apple. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates stated that the competitors were lifted and slammed into a giant matt. Results will be reported as they come in live.

The final competition is split into three parts, with all three competitors competing in part 1. The winner of part 1 gets a free pass into the final competition, and the other two houseguests then play in part 2 over the weekend. The winner of part 2 then gets the final spot in the competition that will take place during the season finale. That will air on Wednesday, September 23, with the winner getting to choose who goes into the vote with them.

There will be a lot of Big Brother 17 spoilers to come out before the next episode on Sunday, September 20. The reason for this is that the two houseguests that lose part 1 will compete in that second competition this weekend. It all leads up to the season finale, where the nine BB17 jury members will vote on who they feel should win the $500,000 prize. The second place prize is $50,000 and there is also a fan vote for favorite player that gives a $25,000 prize.

The ongoing final Head of Household competition is very important for Steve Moses to win, as it appears that Vanessa Rousso and Liz Nolan are going to take each other to the final two. This is a situation that Steve may have created for himself by not winning that final Veto competition, but it was unclear in the footage from Wednesday night’s episode how he “threw” it. Steve had told the cameras that he made a $500,000 mistake by not trying to win, but the footage made it look like he did.

In part 1 of the final HOH competition, the three houseguests stayed perched on candy apples for nearly three hours and 45 minutes. Steve Moses fell off after about three hours and 20 minutes, leaving just Liz Nolan and Vanessa Rousso to compete. Vanessa offered Liz something that wasn’t picked up by the microphones, and soon after the offer was made, Liz dropped out. That makes Vanessa the winner of Part 1. Further Big Brother 17 spoilers this weekend will reveal who wins Part 2 to face off against Vanessa for control of the final two.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]