‘Destiny: The Taken King’: How To Get The Chaperone Exotic Shotgun

That sweet shotgun from the Destiny: The Taken King live-action trailer is called The Chaperone. It’s an Exotic Shotgun that can only be picked up from a quest in the new expansion for the PlayStation and Xbox shooter and players quickly discovered how to obtain it barely one day into the launch of Destiny‘s latest adventure.

The quest for The Chaperone is possibly up there with the Thorn in terms of difficulty due to the step that demands a good kill-to-death ratio in the Crucible and a wait at the end. It also requires The Last Word Exotic hand cannon. Hopefully, you will have picked that up as a Loot Drop, from Xur, or from the Deceptive Engram that is received at the end of the “Veteran’s Tour” quest.

Destiny: The Taken King - The Chaperone (PlayStation, Xbox)

How to Obtain “Jolly Holliday” Quest

This isn’t 100 percent confirmed yet as some members of the Destiny community are reporting different experiences. However, completing The Taken King Quest and reaching at least Rank 3 or higher in Crucible has the chance to spark he Jolly Holliday Quest when speaking to Amanda Holliday, the Shipwright.

Step 1: Crucible Kills with The Last Word Equipped

You will need to earn 100 points in the Crucible with The Last Word equipped in the Primary Weapon slot. Kills with any of the three weapons, grenades, melee, or super abilities will all count towards completion, but only if The Last Word is equipped.

A kill counts as 1 point toward completion of this step while deaths take away 2 points. Fortunately, bonus points are awarded for killstreaks.

One trick suggested by Reddit user youyellbarracuda is to unequip The Last Word in situations where a killstreak might be difficult to setup or you are having a particularly bad game. Equip it for maps that you are good at, after you’ve gotten heavy ammo, or when your character’s super ability is ready. That should help lessen the impact of the 2 point death penalty.

Step 2: Speak to Amanda Holliday

This is self-explanatory.

Step 3: Purchase a ‘Generous Donation from the Cryptarch

This will cost you 15,000 Glimmer so save up.

Step 4: Speak to Amanda Holliday Again

This is self-explanatory.

Step 5: Kill High-Level Minions and Crucible Enemies with a Shotgun

Equip your favorite shotgun and go on a killing spree in either Destiny‘s PVE or PVP modes. Note that only Yellow Bar minions count and that does not include the ones seen on patrol. Additionally, do not bother using the Universal Remote, as it will not count.

Once again, you will need to earn 100 points towards completion of this step. Crucible kills give 3 points per kill and dying does not take away points. Minion kills can grant up to 6 points per kill depending on the enemy.

Step 6: Kill the Shield Brothers with a Shotgun

This step generates a special Shield Brothers Strike at the 290 light level strike for players to undertake on the Dreadnaught. Fortunately, matchmaking is included, but it still may take multiple runs to complete.

Players will need to deliver the killing blow with a shotgun to both Shield Brothers in order to complete. This may take coordination with teammates so you may be better off with bringing friends.

Step 7: Talk to Amanda Holliday

This is the final step to completing the “Jolly Holiday” quest, but you won’t receive The Chaperone yet. Bungie will deliver the Exotic Shotgun in-game to you once the next Weekly Reset rolls around.

[Images via Bungie]